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Tourism meltdown, Climate change causes drift ice lost

Megumi Nishikura & Luis Patron / Japan / 6:39 / Documentary / 2009

The Sea of Okhotsk is the southernmost area in the Northern Hemisphere where polar sea ice is found. Every year the ice arrives in Hokkaido in mid to late January. The best time to see it is the latter half of February but in the last 20 years, the drift ice has disappearing. Is this the result of global warming?

Heat Wave

Mirel Bran/Romania/ 1:00 /Comedy/ 2009

A man in a car misses the main road and finds himself lost in a remote Romanian village. He asks some locals sitting alongside the road the way to Bucharest. They disagree on the options. The debate turns violent. The weather's VERY hot.

Save Earth, Save Us

Tatsuro Manno/ Japan/USA/ 1:17 / Experimental/ 2010

It was supposed to be an ordinary morning. An old woman puts a kettle on a stove for her morning coffee. Meanwhile in a college lab, a frog is being heated over low heat in a beaker as an experiment.


Khoroldorj Choijoovanchig/Mongolia/ 5:56 /Drama/ 2010

In a desolate city in the future, dreams are the drugs of choice. One man risks his health for a chance to dream and to find his love.

Vive La Crise!

Alexei Gubenco/Romania/ 3:10 /Animation/ 2009

Deforestation, property development, pollution, money, and a lot of food - all this is going to change… The economic crisis is coming!


Shoh Kataoka/ Japan/ 14:14 /Drama/ 2010

"It moved!" When I put my hand on mom's tummy, I can tell the baby is alive. "Do you want to be born soon so that you can see your mommy and daddy?" I asked. "No way." The baby replied, in Kansai dialect.

Global Warming

Sheldon Lieberman & Igor Coric/ Australia/Serbia/ 1:50 /Animation/ 2007

Mr. Pipik doesn't believe in Global Warming.

Tide of Change

Amie Batalibasi/Australia/ 11:41 /Documentary/ 2010

Amie Batalibasi returned home to her family in the seaside village of Lilisiana, Solomon Islands, when her Koko Geli (grandmother) passed away. During her stay, she saw how the way of life in her village was greatly affected by the extreme high tides caused by climate change.

ENEBO -one light life-

Hiroaki Taniguchi/ Japan/ 5:00 /Animation/ 2010

This is a story about a family where each family member eats their meals in their own room. ENEBO (a power generating robot) is in charge of the house's power, but it breaks down because of too much CO2. The family realizes that they were wasting power and decides to live in one room.

Climate Dish

Peter Wedel/Germany/ 1:08 / Experimental/ 2010

A meal sets the scene for home-made climate disasters…


Javier Mrad/Argentina/ 12:10 /Animation/ 2009

Old magazines sway gently in the wind. A super-8 camera crawls over a wooden table while carpeting flows in and out like waves. Suddenly, a whole civilization rises up. Plastic waste has reached the point where not even the most distant beaches are safe.


Yuji Mitsuhashi/ Japan/ 2:00 /Drama/ 2010

We need to know "exactly" what global warming is. This film will motivate you to ask the same question, which came to the director's mind after interviewing five global warming researchers.

11 Degrees

Anna Ewert/Scottland/Germany/7:44/Documentary/2009

The struggle of a Scottish ski resort to adapt to the consequences of climate change and a decrease in skiers. A portrayal of the changing landscape and challenges the small communities are facing, but also of the Scottish enthusiasm in keep the ski resort alive.

Green Film Project "everyday"

Junko Morita / Japan / 8:08 / Drama / 2008

(C) Green Film Project '08

We all need to take action, each and every one of us, not just sound an alarm or highlight ecological issues. A young couple's impetuous week illustrates the simple things that can be done on a daily basis. Here's how we can 'Eco' everyday. Starring Ryo Kase and Yoko Maki.