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  • June 17th Fri - 24th Fri 19:00 - 21:00

Friday Night Tights

Joonki Park/USA/3:59/Animation/2010

On a Friday night, Joonki doesn't want to go out and hang out with Zach, but wouldn't tell him why.


Fumie Nishikawa/Japan/7:10/Drama/2010

Tomoko couldn't complete the long distance race at a competition. Back in her hometown, as she prays at a local temple and is rejuvenated by the fresh country air, she regains her desire to run. Running through the hills she nears the end of her run and is finally able to approach the finish line.

Plasticity 3D

Ryan Suits/USA/5:00/Fantasy/2010

A girl is forced to choose between solitary freedom and conforming to life among other people, in a world made of light paintings.

Annie Goes Boating

Noel Paul/USA/10:00/Drama/2010

"Annie Goes Boating" is a laconic portrait of a girl on a picnic in the park with her friends. Shot in stereo 3D, the film provides a restrained yet immersive glimpse into the group dynamics of this boating party.


Santiago Caicedo/Colombia/7:08/Animation/2010

"UYUYUI!" enters a fantasy world where the skies are populated by curious life forms and strange robotic creatures lurk the forest. Two children on a picnic day are separated by a violent wind and only the force of their friendship will help to guide them through danger and adventure.

2028 Belief

Chen Xi/Japan /14:27/Drama/2011

Taka loves to play basketball but is confronted by a sudden twist of fate as the big game approaches. As he battles a life changing situation, he is shown that all is not the end by Risa.

Boat Trip

Mathijs Geijskes/Netherlands/10:00/Drama/2010

David, 19 years old is harassed in his motorized Zodiac rubber dinghy by a large speedboat with an unknown helmsman. Why? David doesn’t know. Nor does he have time to think about it. The mysterious speedboat won’t leave him in peace and a fight to the death starts on the water...

27 years later

Shinterra/South Korea/6:00/Comedy/2010

Dr.Sim, who has developed ‘Time Machine’ which can be used just once, turns the clock back a year with lottery information. However, the time setting has changed from a year to 27 years back because of a suspicious man’s disturbance.



Iyo Nishikohri/Japan/17:34/Drama/2011

The important thing in life and in love, is the courage to take that 1st step. In a strange shop, Sayaka is shown by the clerk a special perfume that allows her to be the kind of person she wants to be. With her new found "self" she hurries to Tabata, the love of her life...



Jérôme Diamant-Berger/France/13:00/Comedy/2010

Eva and Leo have just met… She’s very excited to visit the loft of her favorite artist. He’s intimidating but very happy to talk to someone about his film project. He’s going to direct her in his film, to get her into his world he's going to shrink her together with him like a puppet in his Melies’s optical theatre and then play all the parts in his film.