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Year after year, it has become more and more common to find feature film level actors in short films. That’s a clear indication that the originality and increasing popularity of the medium of short films have become recognized in popular culture. In this year’s Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, wide & plentiful programs of celebrity & maestro short films have been prepared for you. These shorts presented below are short films made by feature film directors who made these short films at the beginnings of their careers or made them in the down time between features. Check them out!

Italian Program

Stars Monica Bellucci ("Malena") & directed by Gabriele Muccino ("The Pursuit of Happyness")


Gabriele Muccino/Italy/6:47/Drama/2007

A beautiful woman dances the tango with her lover. Later, she finds him in the arms of another beautiful woman. Soon, it is revealed that the woman is every-woman; passionate, curious, proud, insecure, and a mother.

Italian Program

Starring Elio Germano ("Our Life")

The bee and the wind

Massimiliano Camaiti/Italy/12:35/Drama/2009

Matteo returns to the mountains of his childhood to visit his father's grave. Suddenly a bee lands on his hand & he loses control of his car. Seeking help at a farmhouse, he meets Giulio, an elderly farmer who invites Matteo to stay for supper.

Italian Program

Directed by Michelangelo Antonioni ("Blow-up", "L'avventura")

Nettezza Urbana

Michelangelo Antonioni/Italy/11:00/Documentary /1948

A day in the life of Rome's street cleaners. Michelangelo Antonioni films a city where a wide variety of people, their lives, and attitudes exist together. Antonioni’s interest is in the glimpse of the lives of common people and not the centuries old beauty of the Eternal City.

Football Program

Directed by Stephen Daldry of "Billy Elliot", "The Hours" and "The Reader".


Stephen Daldry /UK/13:00/Drama/1998

Jonathan loves football & Liverpool. He always and his best mate Terry explore his new home on the South Coast. Of course none of changes his deep belief that he is the next Michael Owen. But why doesn't his Mum like him having anything to do with Football? Where is his Dad and why can't he talk about him?

International Program A

Colin Firth & Kiera Knightley together in a dream cast!


Rupert Friend/UK/16:00 /Drama/2010

A couple are having an argument when suddenly there is someone at their door. It's Steve from downstairs to inform them of a leak from their room. But soon, it becomes clear that something is not right with Steve.

International Program B

Starring Jesse Eisenberg of "Social Network."

Some boys don't leave

Maggie Kiley/USA/17:00 /Romance/2009

'Boy' has to come to terms with the fact that 'Girl' no longer wants him around. But he just can't seem to leave their apartment. 'Girl' decides to keep living her life around him; while he remains, watching closelyat everything she does.

International Program C

Directed, edited, music, all created by Joseph Gordon-Levitt!


Joseph Gordon-Levitt/USA/24:00 /Drama/2008

A woman and a man are having a conversation. The story takes place on two sides. One, in the present right there with the two characters, the other, in and out of the past of both characters. The story weaves in and out of both sides.

アジア インターナショナル & ジャパン プログラム A

Directed by Chan-wook Park and his brother, Chan-kyong Park, winner of Berlinale!

Night Fishing

PARKing CHANce (Chan-wook Park, Chan-kyong Park)/South Korea/33:12/Drama/2011

A man with his fishing gear walks deep in the woods through the fog. He arrives at a river and leisurely starts fishing. Later, night has fallen and he hasn’t caught much fish. Just then, he hooks something big but it's not something he can put on his dinner plate.

Asia International & Japan Program B

Shot in Malaysia, the bierthplace of Ming-Liang Tsai

Madam Butterfly

Ming-Liang Tsai/Taiwan/France/35:00 /Drama/2009

50 year-old Baozhu roams in the middle of Kuala Lumpur’s bus station. Her lover has abandoned her in the hotel, leaving the bill for her to pay. Without money to go home, Baozhu wanders around the station with a hair of her lover stuck in her throat…