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Kazushi Kawada/Japan/5:13 /Animation/2010

The pigs on the island have eaten up all there is to eat. They all then proceed to climb a tree and sit on the branches. The image is just like that of a cherry blossom (Sakura) tree in full blossom. The life of some peculiar pigs.

A Lost and Found Box of Human Sensation

Martin Wallner & Stefan Leuchtenberg /Germany/14:50/Animation/ 2010

A young man’s father dies of cancer and the boy has to cope with the loss. The film begins with the funeral and shows how feelings change throughout the years. Featuring voice actors Ian McKellen ("The Lord of the Rings") and Joseph Fiennes ("Shakespeare in Love").

My Terminal

Hitomi Noda/Japan/1:09/Animation/2010

A one minute 2D/3D animation with a story, atmosphere, and great visuals. A rider on a mysterious train, it's destination…


Sung-bin Cho & Ki-soo Ham/South Korea/9:39/Animation/2010

Ferdinand is a former champion darts player. He's short tempered and attacked a fan who hissed at him and got disqualified for 2 years. One day at home, a spider comes along and begins spinning a web on the dartboard. Ferdinand spots it and starts throwing darts at the spider.


Noboru Kosuge/Japan/4:11/Animation/2009

In the near future, in a world of androids for household use, a man buys an android with a smile that resembles his wife's who had passed away. The end of their happy days comes in an unexpected way.


Phil Tippett/USA/3:17/Animation/2010

As the sun goes down in the dark and terrifying 'MUTANTLAND' hunters are lured into a forbidden zone in their quest for food only to find themselves candidates for the main course.

step by step

Takuya Tokuoka/Japan/5:10/Animation/2011

The first steps that people take to face the many challenges in their lives soon connect them to the world.


Tomek Bagiński/Poland/12:10/Animation/2010

Francis is an inventor. His invention is supposed to change the world. But he forgets about one thing: dreams always cost too much. He is focused only on himself and his work and realizes the gravity of the situation only when it is too late.


rain town

Hiroyasu Ishida/Japan/9:55/Animation/2011

In this town, since who knows when, rain has never stopped. Residents moved out to suburbs and high ground around "rain town." People's memories are now deeply submerged. But into this forgotten rainy town sometimes, someone wanders.


The Lost Thing

Shaun Tan & Andrew Ruhemann/Australia/15:00/Animation/2010

A boy discovers a bizarre looking creature while out at the beach. Having guessed that it is lost, he tries to find out who it belongs to but is met with mute indifference from everyone. But the boy empathizes with the creature and sets out to find a ‘place’ for it.