Japan's best EOS short films are here!
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From Bus Stop with Love

Yasuhito Tachibana/Japan/14:14/Drama/2010

Two young bit-part actors playing villains are walking down a country road. Villain A, has punched the star actor and left the shoot. Villain B is trying to convince him to return. Their argument turns into a therapy session searching for purpose and meaning to their lives.


Tomofumi Tanaka/Japan/24:12/Drama/2010

Kumiko has been missing in India. Her little sister Ayumi goes to Kumiko's apartment to pack up her things. There, Ayumi finds something very strange, a postcard written by Kumiko that was sent from India 1 year ago…


Shohei Tada/Japan/5:38/Comedy/2010

A mysterious iron ball wanders and floats around, looking for its destination. It ends up with a guy leading a dull life. This film follows a lost iron ball in its search for its ultimate place in the world.

Ken and Kazu

Hiroshi Shoji/Japan/23:00/Drama/2011

Working as drug traffickers, Ken and Kazu embezzles cocaine from the shipment. Their boss finds this out and Kazu gets abducted. The boss gives Ken an ultimatum-- kill Kazu if he wants to live.

Smile Bus

Sang-joon Park/Japan/22:52/Drama/2011

One day a young Korean girl, Yuna (Hyun-kyoung Ryu), decides to pack up and leave, she heads for Japan where she takes a job as a tour guide for visiting Koreans to Japan, Hot on her trail is her ex boyfriend Sang-ho (Gun-hyung Park) who follows her to Japan in order to win the still confused Yuna back, but will she get back with him? "Smile Bus" is a comtempory re-working of the classic Kamakura and Enoshima love story.