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Enjoy an excellent selection of short films
created by aspiring film students from the
Tokyo Film Center School of Arts(FC TOKYO)!
  • June 18th Sat 11:15 - 13:05

Spring dream

Naoya Mutou/Japan/6:48/Drama/2011

A fine spring day. Young Youto is leaving his hometown to enter the Tokyo Film Center School of Arts to study to become a film actor. With high hopes and a little bit of self-doubt, he heads towards the train station. At the station under a clear blue cloudless sky, he meets a woman with an umbrella...

Dream after rain

Kazunori Ishibashi /Japan/18:31/Drama/2011

He, now that he has begun studying at the Tokyo Film Center School of Arts, starts to shoot film by himself wanting to make a movie. Shintaro, who wants to make movies with everyone that will excite people, invites to join him. Like-minded friends and their first filmmaking experience begins...


Shuhei Nakada/Japan/36:36/Drama/2011

The year, 2018. The "serial stabbing murders" that started in Shibuya now has over 20 victims but there hasn't been one eyewitness. In this situation, average high schooler Sato is involved in another stabbing incident. What will be the outcome of the murders?