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The inaugural Football Program
in celebration of J. League's
20th anniversary.
  • June 17th Fri 11:15 - 13:05
  • June 18th Sat 28:20 - 30:00
  • June 19th Sun 12:50 - 14:40

Extra Time

Margherita Ferri/Italy/5:00/Drama/2004

There is an age when all it matters is said on the football field.


Ben Adler/France/UK/8:30/Drama/2008

Two international football enthusiasts’ efforts to find a pitch to play on in a park in Paris are abruptly halted by the presence of some angry Parisian locals.

Panyee FC

THE GLUE SOCIETY/Australia /Thailand/5:00/Documentary/2010

True story of Thailand’s extraordinary soccer team. Koh Panyee is a floating fishing village on a rocky outcrop in the middle of the sea. In 1986, inspired by the Mexico World Cup, kids from the village started their own team even without a ground to play sports on the island.

73rd (2000) Academy Award® Nominee for Best Short (Live Action)

Soccer Story

Paulo Machline/Brazil/22:00/Drama/1998

A sixty year old man remembers with nostalgia a time in the 1950's when he played soccer in the streets of a small Brazilian town with a young boy who would become a legend.


Jan Mettler & Jan-Eric Mack/Switzerland/6:00/Drama/2010

A boy dreams of being a great soccer star. One morning he leaves the anonymity of his grey suburbs to enter the glaring light of the stadium. There he meets an unexpected opponent who puts him to the test.


Leanna Creel /USA/13:00/Drama/2000

Christmas 1914. Inspired by a true story, this is the tale of a moment when British & German soldiers on the front-line put down arms and play a game of soccer.

Directed by Stephen Daldry of "Billy Elliot", "The Hours" and "The Reader".


Stephen Daldry/UK/13:00/Drama/1998

Jonathan loves football & Liverpool. He always and his best mate Terry explore his new home on the South Coast. Of course none of changes his deep belief that he is the next Michael Owen. But why doesn't his Mum like him having anything to do with Football? Where is his Dad and why can't he talk about him?