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in the French Shorts Program selected
from the French Film Festival 2011.
  • June 26th Sun 10:45 - 12:35

Tout le monde dit je t'aime

Cécile Ducrocq/France/6:00/Drama/2010

16-year-old Marion is told by her boyfriend that he is in love with her. She seeks advice from her best friend Josephine but they seem to have a different understanding of the words "I Love you."


Olivier Treiner/France/13:00/Drama/2010

Adrien is a young piano prodigy. Suffering from a psychological breakdown after failing badly at a major competition, he now works as a piano tuner. In order to regain his former self, he makes for himself a mask for a blind person and wears it to gain access to the intimate lives of his customers. He slowly begins to appreciate music again when he witnesses a murder…

La Noyée

Mathieu Hippeau/France/26:00/Drama/2010

Elise lives by herself on the shores of Bretagne. One day in the cove where she always takes her swim, she finds the body of a drowned woman. This sudden, sad incident puts her in a state of depression. Who was the woman? Why did she drown? She didn’t know the answers. She has to find the find the answers before her son Damian, who’s attending high school in Paris, returns home for a few days.

La Femme à cordes

Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka/France/15:13/Animation/2010

Sebastian, a young man in his 20’s enters a small theater recommended by a stranger. Gogol invites him to his show. He then proceeds to mistreat a woman in front of an audience. Sebastian begins to stop him but he doesn’t know the rules of the game.

J'aurais pu être une pute

Baya Kasmi/France/24:00/Drama/2010

While working the register of a home center, Mina has a sudden panic attack and falls into the arms of Pierre. A story about a strange girl, a serious man, a large pair of pruning sheers, and an old piano teacher.