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From the masters who have left their mark
in film history to the cotemporary artists
– the Italian special feature!
  • June 17th Fri 28:20 - 30:00
  • June 18th Sat 18:00 - 19:50
  • June 26th Sun 15:00 - 16:50

Stars Monica Bellucci ("Malena") & directed by Gabriele Muccino ("The Pursuit of Happyness")


Gabriele Muccino/Italy/6:47/Drama/2007

A beautiful woman dances the tango with her lover. Later, she finds him in the arms of another beautiful woman. Soon, it is revealed that the woman is every-woman; passionate, curious, proud, insecure, and a mother.

Starring Elio Germano ("Our Life")

The bee and the wind

Massimiliano Camaiti/Italy/12:35/Drama/2009

Matteo returns to the mountains of his childhood to visit his father's grave. Suddenly a bee lands on his hand & he loses control of his car. Seeking help at a farmhouse, he meets Giulio, an elderly farmer who invites Matteo to stay for supper.


Massimo Cappelli/Italy/18:15/Thriller/2010

A man is hanging around a museum, insensible to the beauty of that place and works of art. A voice starts creeping into him. It is the voice of the audio guide, the voice of a stranger who describes immortal masterpieces in a few lines. But that voice is also something more.

Directed by Michelangelo Antonioni ("Blow-up", "L'avventura")

Nettezza Urbana

Michelangelo Antonioni/Italy/11:00/Documentary/1948

A day in the life of Rome's street cleaners. Michelangelo Antonioni films a city where a wide variety of people, their lives, and attitudes exist together. Antonioni’s interest is in the glimpse of the lives of common people and not the centuries old beauty of the Eternal City.

Invisible Trajectories

Luc Walpoth/Italy/Switzerland/13:50/Drama/2010

For years, I have been travelling without moving. The desert landscape scrolls. From village to cities, from silence to smile, I'm searching. I'm looking for the story. Mine. Hers. The story in which we are together. How did it begin? How will it end?

Gennaro's Dream

Antonio Manco Gonzales/Italy/25:00/Drama/2010

Gennaro is a welder-engineer in Naples. Winning thousands of Euros at the local lottery thanks to the interpretation of a dream by his friend Ciro, he is able to fulfill his biggest dream; to conquer Anna, the girl of his dreams. But the power of dreams can bring unexpected surprises.