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Specially selected from the Kaohsiung
Film Festival, short films with the themes,
"Love Generation" and "Ordinary Heroes"
will be screened!
  • June 19th Sun 20:15 - 22:05
  • June 22th Wed 15:30 - 17:20

Time of Cherry Blossoms

Shiu-Cheng Tsai/Taiwan/23:00/Animation/2010

A boy's adventure in an old temple that mysteriously burns down for a secret reason. The fantasy story begins unexpectedly when the boy sees an accident behind the old temple...

Invisible Loneliness

Jung-Hsien Lin/Taiwan/12:26/Animation/2009

Since Daddy put a key around his little girl's neck, she's felt very lonely. All she can do is to hope that her Daddy comes back and hope that the key is for a nice, warm home. For her, the key is an amulet that she turns to when she feels scared and sad.


Chang-Hao Xu/Taiwan/25:00/Drama/2010

Suffering from a drought, Yolau is using his knife to inscribe the memories of the tribe’s good old days onto He then decides to look for the source of water.


Ying-Yang Chen & Zhen-Yu Wang/Taiwan/25:00/Documentary/2010

The capacity of Kaohsiung Harbor continues to drop. The Harbor Bureau decided to build No. 6 container yard. Hongmiao Harbor was flattened out. A 300 year old fishing village has disappeared from the map.