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Designer of the 'UNDERCOVER' brand,
Jun Takahashi's documentary film,
set in Kiryu-Tokyo
and the Paris Collection shows.
  • June 19th Sun 15:45 - 17:35

Deep blue

Kazuhito Nakae/Japan/20:00/Drama/2011

Yukiko reluctantly returns home with her son Haruki for the 13th anniversary of her mother's death. Her family makes traditional hand-dyed cloth so her father and brother's hands are a deep blue color. At first her parents aren't very welcoming or receptive and she begins to regret returning home.

Mata, Ashita

Kazuhiko Kondo/Japan/24:00/Drama/2011

Hana feels joy from her knitting and sewing. One day she meets a young man at a coffee shop who works at the zoo as the elephant-keeper. He was asked by his grandfather to be there at a certain time to meet a woman who knits…

Kiryu no Kaze

Ko Kuriki/Japan/20:00/Drama/2011

Yui leads a group of young students who are practicing a local folk dance called "Yagibushi" for the up-coming summer festival folk dance championship. She asks her childhood friends Shinya & Kiyomasa to help with the choreography but Shinya has ambitions and wants to move to Tokyo. There's change in the winds of Kiryu...

MIRROR ~a Documentary film of UNDERCOVER~

Tetsuya Nagato/Japan/25:00/Drama/2011

Paris, March 2, 2011. Jun Takahashi, chief designer for "UNDERCOVER" held his first show in 3 years. How did the new designs come about, how were the designs made. Leading up to the Paris shows, the camera follows Jun Takahashi for 3 months in Tokyo, Kiryu, & Paris to show the designer's life as it is now.