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- Let's depict the city that's in your heart –
3 short stories based in Nagoya
arrives in Harajuku!
  • June 26th Sun 13:20 - 15:10

Yureni Yurarete Yurarete Yurari


“The Meijo Line Swing Control Championship“ held on the Nagoya subway Meijo Line. This contest that tests each player's ability to maintain balance in a rocking & rolling train, is in its 13th edition. This year's championship in which the winners of previous contests have gathered to determine the grand champion, is about to begin...

Sakura no machi no doughnut shop


Hirohisa, whose wife died suddenly, receives a call from the book store that his wife's subscription had arrived & needed him to come pick it up. In town he sees fragments of his wife and carrying her memories in the book, he begins to face himself and family since the accident...

Kioku no hitoshizuku


Rieko has been forgotten by her mother who suffers from loss of memory. One day, she decides on an idea by her sister to take her mother to a movie theater that she enjoyed going to when healthy. There at the cinema where she hadn't been to in quite a while, she witnesses her mother who once again returned to her younger self.