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Meet "Korea" as you have never known!
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Bon Voyage: World Tour 2008

Min-sug Zho/South Korea/19:00/Drama/2008

Kizun is good at English but he is always teased by people in E-Juk dong. He heads out on a world tour, "Bon Voyage: World Tour 2008." Fresh humor and fun about travelling around Korea with fantasies of being at world famous tourist attractions.

The Pictures

Byung-hyop Lee/South Korea/20:00/Drama/2007

A boy living in the mountains loves to draw. A photographer traveling around to shoot scenery comes across the boy at a mountain lake and both depict the same scenery with their own medium, photography and drawing. Days later, a large parcel is delivered to the boy.

Chung Ah’s Adventure in Seou

Yong-jin Lee/South Korea/21:10/Drama/2010

Seoul! The place is full of hidden attractions. Actress Chung Ah’s takes you on a reckless adventure throughout the city. Seoul becomes Chung Ah's playground.

The Wind Bird

Ji-eun Hwang/South Korea/29:00/Drama/2009

Re-discovering the beauty of nature through silence & meditation and by eating healthy, natural food. The answers to life are always around us."The Wind Bird" quietly delivers the feeling of healing through new experiences living in an isolated temple outside of the suffocating city life.