Koyuki's Wandering Football

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia "Football Program Presented by J. LEAGUE"

J.LEAGUE, the professional football league that kicked off in May 1993, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. As part of the celebrations, and in continuing their tie up with Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & ASIA) that began in 2011, a Football Program was established at SSFF&ASIA. In 2011 and 2012, football themed short films were screened. Created specially for this year's program in celebration of the 20th anniversary, an original collaboration film in the making for the last two years has been completed. It will be screened at SSFF & ASIA 2013 to be held in June.


Koyuki's Wandering Football


As well as being a professional football league, J-League plays a role in fostering sports culture rooted in regional areas via its initiative "Home Town," which allocates league teams to local regions. The main storyline of the film specially produced on this occasion expresses love for one’s family, with the underlying theme of affection for one’s hometown intersecting this. At the end of the story there is a symbol of local community: a stadium full of passionate locals gathered together to watch a game take place on their home turf. Under the supervision of up-and-coming director Satsuki Okawa, a heart-warming story about the sensitivity of family relations and mixed feelings towards that which has been lost is presented alongside J.LEAGUE’s key motifs: "football," "home town," "stadium."


Miyagi Prefecture in the Tohoku region suffered severe damage following the Great East Japan Earthquake. One day, elementary school student Koyuki, who lives with her parents in temporary housing, catches sight of some news on TV. "A soccer ball swept away by the tsunami has been found in Alaska, USA having travelled over 5,000 km." Koyuki and her family lost both their home and their precious belongings in the earthquake. Her father Isamu has lost his job, and her mother Sayuri supports the family with her part time job. Having lost his smile, her father who helps around the house whilst looking for a job claims that, "until he finds a job" he will not partake in "enjoyable things". Koyuki, having seen the news, then hears from her mother that her father once had a treasured ball that he received in his high school days, signed by the members of the football club. She wants to make her father happy again. In order to bring the life back into her much adored father, Koyuki gets a brand new ball and goes on a journey through her hometown to receive the signatures once more.


Koyuki's Wandering Football



Koyuki's Wandering Football
Reika Nishihata

Actor: Reika Nishihata

Reika was born in Chiba prefecture on 16th February 2001.
She was scouted and signed whilst she was still in her 4th grade of elementary school.
She started out by appearing in Tokyo Metro and cram school advertisements, and is now having her screen debut with the film "Koyuki's Wandering Football".

Nakajima Tomoko

Actor: Nakajima Tomoko

Tomoko was born in Tokyo City. She has worked on the 'National' drama "From a North Country," appearing in the role of Hotaru for 22 years. Alongside this, she is active in a broad range of film and theatre projects, gaining an impressive reputation as a talented actress. In addition to this, she has a unique sensibility for recitations, writing, and even conference presentations. She has a very dedicated fan base. As an ecologically-minded individual, her gentle lifestyle has attracted attention, whilst her considerate view on nature also strikes a chord with many.
In 2009, she appeared in the role of Margret in the William Shakespeare play "Henry VI" (starring: Hitoshi Uyama), winning an Individual Award at the 44th Kinokuniya Theatre Awards and the Best Actress Award at the 17th Yomiuri Theatre Awards. Currently, she is a DJ personality on Tokyo FM's "Funwari no Jikan" [Every Sunday, from 9am] and TBS Radio's "Bungaku no Tobira" ("Door to Literature") [every Sunday, from 9pm].
She also starred as Shigeko Kanai in the film "Tokyo Family" (Director: Yoji Yamada) that was released in January this year.

Yu Kamio

Actor: Yu Kamio

Yu was born on 16th March 1970 in Fukushima prefecture.
From 1994 to 2001, Yu was active as a student of Kita-ku Tsuka Kohei Theatre Company's inaugural class. In 1994, he debuted with "Kamata March, The Final Chapter – Death of Gin-chan." After leaving the group, he worked on projects such as the "SP" series (07,10,11/CX), "Kamen Riders/ OOO"(10/EX)and "I'm Mita, Your Housekeeper " (11/NTV) . Recently, he has been in the Taiga drama "Ye no Sakura" (13/NHK), whilst he is currently appearing in the drama "Last Hope" (13/CX) and his debut movie "Nanashi no jujika" ‘(13/Director: Naoki Kubo) has opened to the public.

Keiji Hirahata

Actor: Keiji Hirahata

Keiji was born in Osaka in 1968. He debuted in 1994. In addition to working as a performer, he takes advantage of his extensive knowledge of football by appearing in numerous television programs and events related to the sport. Currently, he is a regular guest on TV Shizuoka's "Kusa dega" and Skyperfectv's "J-League Match Day Highlights".

Satsuki Okawa

Director: Satsuki Okawa

Satsuki graduated from Nihon University College of Art's Film Department. She then entered Columbia University's graduate Film Program in New York. Her graduation work "Tidy Up" won a Best Film Award and Music Award. In addition to screening at SSFF & ASIA, the film was also awarded the Best Short Film Award at a Hollywood based film festival. Her next film, "Little Kyota Neon Hood", won the Best 10 International Film award at Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival and was hugely popular at both domestic and international film festivals.



Canadian brothers Maynard (vocals and guitar) and Blaise (vocals and lead guitar) are the front men, and together with the Japanese rhythm section members Tax (drums) from Sendai and Dick (bass) from Hokkaido they form the 4-piece hybrid rock band MONKEY MAJIK. In 2006, they released their first single, "fly", with binyl records. This band is symbolic in its approach to sound, not belonging to any single genre, and its use of lyrics that naturally fuse English and Japanese. They are the only band with these weapons, the "ability to offer universal melodies that shake the emotions and memories of everyone," in the race to create "border-free Good Music." Their second single, "Around the World", was a massive hit as the theme song of Fuji TV's "Journey to the West." Additionally, the Yokohama Tire CM song "Sora wa maru de" recorded on their 4th album of the same name was a big hit, and numerous other CM and TV drama theme songs mean they have established themselves as popular artists. Appointed as Tohoku Tourism Goodwill Ambassadors in March 2011 and as part of the ongoing project "SEND love" organized in aid of the Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction, they released their 18th new single "If" on 27th February 2013.


Guest Actor: Mr. VEGATTA

Mr. Vegatta was born on 2nd May 1999, Miyagi prefecture. This mascot is based on the image of an eagle which, according to Greek mythology, is a bird that brings victory. The Vegalta Sendai football team is a symbol born of local pride and dreams, and the desire to become a "star" to be loved by everyone. 2nd May 1999 marks Mr. VEGATTA's birthday, when he was given the nickname VEGATTA by the general public.

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Koyuki's Wandering Football

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