CG Animation Competition Submission Guidelines

Filmmakers on the red carpet
Q&A sessions following screenings

Submission Period

August 1, 2018 – January 31, 2019
* Submission is completed upon the arrival of viewing materials (e.g. DVD, movie file upload).
* If you would like to send us a DVD screener, it must be postmarked by January 31, 2019. Any late submissions will not be considered.


1. Any animated short films using either partly or fully computer–generated graphics.

2. Japan Premiere
Not required

3. Genre

4. Running Time
25 minutes or under. No exceptions. Running time includes end credits.

5. Production Year
The film must have been produced after June 1, 2017 for the CG Animation Competition. The festival committee will determine the production date of your film based on the copyright year listed in the end credits.

6. Production Country
All. The festival committee will determine the production country based on the following criteria: director’s nationality, shooting location, language of the film, nationality of cast and source of funding.

7. Language
English subtitles are required for submissions with languages other than English or Japanese.

8. Formats
NTSC/PAL DVD or movie file. Please note that if selected, filmmakers are required to provide an Apple ProRes File or NTSC HDCAM.


Best Short Award: 600,000 Japanese Yen
*Awards are subject to change.


1) Please complete the online submission either on Shortfilmdepot (, Withoutabox ( or FilmFreeway ( To submit your film, you’ll be requested to create an account and register your film. For more details, please refer to the instructions of the chosen online platform (Shortfilmdepot/Withoutabox/Filmfreeway) after you read the submission guidelines thoroughly.

2) Upload the movie file to the website (Shortfilmdepot / Withoutabox / FilmFreeway) or send your Submission Receipt and NTSC or PAL DVD of your completed film to the mailing address below.

# DVD screeners will not be returned.
# Works in progress will not be accepted.
# If you are submitting more than one film, you may include them all in one DVD, but please write each title clearly on the surface of the DVD, and remember to complete separate submission forms for each film.

*Please DO NOT send press kits or any other materials with your submission. Any extra materials will be discarded.


Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2019
CG Animation Competition
4F SSU Bldg. 4-12-8
Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 151-0051 Japan
*The applicant is responsible for expenses related to the submission including shipment of screener DVD/s.
*Regular mail or EMS for shipping is preferred
*All international shipments must be marked with the following:

No commercial value 
For cultural purposes only


Selection results will be announced by the end of April 2019 on the official festival website.


The schedule for the National Tour of Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2019 will be announced in Spring 2019 and is subject to change. All selected films will be screened in Tokyo, but programs in other tour cities may vary.

As our festival continues to grow, we are working to expand the tour beyond Japan. The Festival has toured in Singapore, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Malaysia and more. Not all selected films will be screened at all locations, and filmmakers will be notified via email if their films will be screened outside Japan.

The Festival Submission Guidelines are fixed, but festival venues, dates, awards, travel awards, etc. are subject to change at any time.

To submit a film, you need to create an account and register the film on either one of the aforementioned platforms. You can complete an online submission by clicking the button below.

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