Award Winning Shorts Program 3

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Four films, inlcuding the film that had most views on the online theater, will take you on a journey that is both exciting and thrilling!

Smartphone Film Competition supported by Sony Best Short Award

Yosuke Kobayashi & Daigo Hariya / 0:04:33 / Japan / Sci-Fi / 2021

In the future, after “something” happened to the human race, a man continues to video stream himself in solitude as he wanders about the city ruins for the one single viewer he has.

Official Competition supported by Sony Audience Award(Asia International Competition)
Night Bus

Joe Hsieh / 0:20:00 / Taiwan / Animation / 2020

On a late-night commuter bus, a necklace was stolen. This was followed by a tragic and fatal road accident, and a series of intriguing turn of events which revealed love, hatred, and vengeance. The film climaxes as the bus went ablaze, burning and glittering against the dark coastal sky.

Visual Tourism Award, Japan Tourism Agency Commisioner's Award
Flash! Minamishimabara News Agency (Special Edition)

0:26:49 / Japan / PR / 2021

This video was created as part of “Flash! Minamishimabara News Agency”, a weekend show that covers the latest information from Minamishimabara City. After many unexpected developments, this episode became a “Special Edition” and was ultimately uploaded on YouTube. A fictional commercial for a fictional news channel, combined with Ms. Hikari Mishima’s engaging portrayal of the quirky residents of Minamishimabara, made for an impactful 27-minute rendition of the wide array of attractions in the city.

Most Viewed Award
Incident at school

Jacob Pilgaard / 0:23:48 / Denmark / Drama / 2020

A shooting at a university—played out for 24 terrifying minutes—in a single unbroken close-up of a young woman hiding in an auditorium.