Award Winning Shorts Program 5

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These four films, including the winner of SSFF & ASIA 2021 International Competition, will tell you how to handle the loneliness and isolation people feel.

Official Competition supported by Sony Audience Award (International Competition)

Kevin Haefelin / 0:17:00 / Switzerland / Comedy / 2020

A Japanese trumpet player on a cultural pilgrimage to discover New York City jazz experiences a hell of a night after being lost in Brooklyn.

Official Competition supported by Sony International Competition Best Short Award
Under the Heavens

Gustavo Milan / 0:17:04 / Brazil / Drama / 2020

Marta, a young Venezuelan mother, is immigrating to Brazil when she meets a struggling young couple with a baby girl. Her ability to breastfeed causes their fates to become forever entwined.

Tokyo Cine-magic: Special Screening

Genevieve Clay-Smith/ 0:20:34 / Japan / Fiction / 2018

An Australian Shakespeare fan with Down Syndrome, sets off on a solo adventure to discover Tokyo in order to get away from his over-bearing older brother. Along the way he uses his knowledge of the Bard, his sketchbook and his wits to win the hearts of the people he meets.

Shibuya Diversity Award
Shut Up

Noa Aharoni Maor / 0:16:17 / Israel / Drama / 2020

Roni (12) is ashamed of her Tourette Syndrome. After acting violently towards a classmate
who picks on her, she’s suspended from school. She stays home alone and her suffering from
the tics, leads her to take an extreme and dangerous act.