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Shortfilms by George Lucas

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George Lucas

George Lucas (Writer / Director, Executive Producer) first attracted attention for his filmmaking abilities as a student at the University of Southern California, when his short film gElectronic Labyrinth THX 1138 4EB,h which he would later transform into his first feature, won the top award at the National Student Film Festival. His next feature, the low-budget AMERICAN GRAFFITI (1973), became the most successful film of its time. But it was Lucasf third film, 1977fs STAR WARS that changed everything and became an international phenomenon. Lucas created his own visual effects company, Industrial Light & Magic, to make his vision a reality.

Lucas has been storywriter and executive producer of box-office hits including THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and RETURN OF THE JEDI, and he created the adventurer Indiana Jones. Lucas returned to directing in 1999 with Star Wars: Episode I THE PHANTOM MENACE. Three years later, Episode II ATTACK OF THE CLONES, was the first major live-action movie to be shot entirely digitally. Star Wars: Episode III REVENGE OF THE SITH, released this year, completes Lucasfs Star Wars saga.

Anyone Lived in a Pretty (How) Town@
George Lucas / 6:00 / Experimental / USA / 1967
A visual interpretation of the poem by e.e. cummings about the life cycle of a townspeople and of one ignored couple.

Look at Life
George Lucas / 1:15 / Experimental / USA / 1965
A montage of photos made for an animation class at the University of Southern California .

A Shortfilm by Leonardo DiCaprio

(C)Brigitte Lacombe
Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo was born in Hollywood , California in 1974. Early on, he thought of vecoming an actor and was working by the age of 14. At the age of 19, Leonardo earned an Academy Awards? Nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his role in WHATfS EATING GILBERT GRAPE? His many critically acclaimed performances include roles in ROMEO + JULIET, TITANIC, CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, and THE AVIATOR, for which he was nominated for Best Actor at the 2005 Academy Awards? and he won the Golden Globe? for Best Actor in a Drama.

Aside from film acting, Leofs lifelong passion for environmental awareness began to play a big role in his life. Finally in an influential position to make a difference in the name of the planet, he was invited to chair Earth Day 2000. In a special on the deterioration of the ozone level, he also interviewed President Bill Clinton. is now devoted to helping raise awareness about the environment on a worldwide level.

Water Planet@
Leonardo DiCaprio / 4:27 / Documentary / USA / 2005
Leonardo DiCaprio directed and narrates this short film about the vital importance of water for mankind and earth's survival.

A Hiroyuki Nakano Film "RE:CYCLE"

The main character is a crystal glass that becomes an unwanted object and is thrown away when its owner packs up to move into a new house. Based on the theme gvaluable cherished,h the story is a subtle depiction of the coming-of-age of a girl named Haru and the interpersonal relationships that develop around the glass as it is thrown away on several occasions.

Hiroyuki Nakano

Hiroyuki Nakano, recognized for his work in music videos, creates images inducing a sense of peace. Born in Hiroshima prefecture in 1958, he established Tyrell Corporation after working for a TV company for 5 years. While Nakano continues to make music videos, he also shows his video-based artwork internationally in various countries including Brazil and France. Since he established Peacedelic in 1993 he has been completely absorbed in searching for images that will somehow make his audience feel pleasant. Nakano received several awards for SF SAMURAI FICTION (1998), his first theatrical film. He further established his reputation as a great filmmaker with subsequent films including SF STEREO FUTURE, RED SHADOW, SF SHORT FILMS and many others. Hiroyuki continues to work as a director in various media: films, music, videos, commercials, natural imagery and art.

A Project by CHAGE "missing pages"
missing pages

KIYOSHI TANOMURA is the chief engineer of the Infinite Technology Co, which has developed a time machine, the gTrans-locatorh.  At a press conference for the announcement of his time machine, Kiyoshi dodges moral critics about the ethics of the time machine. Upon returning home, a group of questionable characters abduct him.  Kiyoshi is then accused of being a terrorist plotting against the CORE. The CORE is a group who uses Kiyoshies Trans-locator to gain profit. Kiyoshi is rescued by a group called gArchiveh who acts as a counterforce to keep history, flowing correctly. Kiyoshi is the target of CORE for being destined to co-operate with gArchiveh whose duty is to stop CORE from controlling history.


As member of musical group CHAGE and ASKA, CHAGE has had over 70 concerts yearly and has also released music in between shows. In 2005, he temporarily stopped his activity as CHAGE and ASKA to open a photography/visual studio, a project he has worked on for his entire life. To make this film he collaborated with a young Canadian visual creator, Jerome Olivier, who has worked with CHAGE on the menu design for DVDs and who has also worked on commercials for some foreign brands as a CG designer.

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