In order to promote Tokyo both in Japan and overseas, “Cinema Sports” project was established.

The aim of the project is to produce and promote a short film with elements of major international sports events that are taking place in Tokyo since 2019 to 2020.

The short films which will be introduced to both domestic and international audience will be directed by past award wininig filmmakers from our festival, not only to raise their degree of recognition, but also to incubate young and aspiring filmmakers.

The short film will be premiered at SSFF & ASIA, as well as other festivals inside and outside of Japan. Additionally, its promotional content will be used to attract attention and deliver messages about the attraction of Tokyo.

This is Tokyo

The film Produced in the fiscal year of 2019

This is Tokyo

16:15 / 2020 / Japan
  • Written by Eiji Shimada and Ben Suzuki

  • Directed by Ben Suzuki

  • Win Morisaki Jeanette Aw
    Hiroyuki Watanabe

Kento, who has been selected as a team member in finalizing partnerships with a Singaporean company, is entrusted with a task of attending President Kwang who has come to Tokyo, but is puzzled by her cold attitude. As they go sightseeing in Tokyo together, changes in their hearts are seen a bit by bit...




Win Morisaki

Win Morisaki

Win Morisaki is from Myanmar, born in 1990. He was the lead vocalist of PrizmaX, a J-pop idol boy band (now disbanded).

In 2014, he played a lead role for the first time in the film "Sherry." In 2018, he was in Japan-Myanmar co-prodcution film "My Counry My Home" as well as its spin-off drama, "My dream My Life." In Myanmar, he has his own TV show called "Min's Shooow Time!" He has appeared in many commercials in Myanmar. Morisaki made his Hollywood debut playing the character "Daito/Shiro" in "Ready Player One," directed by Steven Spielberg.. In recent years, he has appeared in numerous Japanese films such as " Kujira no Shima no Wasuremono", "No Matter How Much My Mom Hates Me" and for the role in "Listen to the Universe," he has won best newcomer actor award at the 43rd Japanese Academy Awards. He has played a lead in drama series of "Honki no Shirushi" (2019). He is now preparing his role as "Tony" in the Japanese version of the theatre musical (Season 2) "West Side Story."

Jeanette Aw

Jeanette Aw

Jeanette graduated with an Honours degree in Theatre Studies from the National University of Singapore. She was then signed on as an actress with a local television station and has been in the entertainment industry for 20 years now. She has had the opportunity to experience and film in many countries, namely China, Taiwan, HongKong, and Japan. She has garnered numerous acting accolades and awards over the years and received an acting nod on her craft with a Best Actress Award in a Singapore acting award ceremony.

Jeanette has always had dreams of moving behind the scenes, to create her own content and be a story teller. She has produced two short films “The Last Entry”, which earned a nomination in Short Shorts Film Festival 2018, and “Senses”, which was shot in Japan.

Hiroyuki Watanabe

Hiroyuki Watanabe

Hiroyuki Watanabe (born in 1955) is a Japanese actor from Ibaraki prefecture.
He started his career in Japanese TV commericlas in 1980, and he made his film debut as actor in "On the Road" in 1982.
Since then, he primarily acts in dramas, of which a handful are tokusatsu "Masked-Ryder"series.
In 2014, he appeared in the Hollywood film "Everly"with the co-star Salma Hayak. His recent acting credits include"Day and Night (2019)" "In Full Bloom (2020) " and "Iyashi no Kokoromi (2020)".
He has also appeared in the drama "No Side Game" in which he played the role of the coach Tsuda. In private, he is good at most of sports, notably his skill in golf is excellent.


TeNQ Space Museum

TeNQ Space Museum Bunkyo

See.Touch.Imagine. Nine outer space experiences!
It provides an environment where you can enjoy the universe from various perspectives.
Experience a 20 m x 4.5 m projection mapping or a big, round theater with 4K resolution and 11 meters in diameter, where you can "surround" and "look into" space videos.
Thanks to industry-academia collaboration with the University of Tokyo's University Museum,"Science Area" is a place to constantly share the latest information through exhibitions.
Most exhibits are displayed in Japanese as well as in English, so visitors from overseas can enjoy exhibit contents fully.

Tokyo City View/Sky Deck@Roppongi Hills

Tokyo City View/Sky Deck@Roppongi Hills Minato

The Sky Deck is the highest open-air observatory in the Kanto region, located at 270m above sea level on the rooftop. At night,you can also enjoy a starry sky in the specious atmosphere on the Sky Deck in the city center. The original background music on the Sky Deck is carefully curated depending on the season, day and night, which you will spend a great time enjoying a beautiful view and along with.
You can also enjoy the indoor observation Deck on the 52nd floor, there is a functional gallery space called ""Sky Gallery"" like a museum which often holds events and exhibitions together with the spectacular view.

Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum

Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum Koganei

The Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum in Koganei Park, Tokyo, Japan, is a museum of historic Japanese buildings which opened in 1993.

The aim is of this establishment is to pass on Tokyo's valuable cultural heritage to the next generation by relocating, restoring, preserving and displaying buildings of high cultural value that are difficult to preserve locally.

The Museum has 30 buildings, including old-private houses, merchant stores, and residences from the Edo era to the mid-Showa era that once existed in Tokyo, and they display the history, lifestyle, and folk materials of Tokyo inside the buildings.

In addition, special exhibitions on the city, architecture, and the region, seasonal events, and demonstrations of traditional crafts are also held.

Marunouchi Area

Marunouchi Area Chiyoda

This area is located between the Imperial Palace Gaien and Tokyo Station, and has developed into an office district with Otemachi adjacent to the north centering around Tokyo Station. Besides commercial facilities and chic boutiques, the area is known as the financial and economic centers of Japan with many buildings of major banks and large corporations. Since there are almost no houses such as condominiums or shops that are open all night, the difference between the daytime population and the nighttime population is quite extreme.