March 27, SSFF &ASIA Screening in Malaysia

March 27, SSFF &ASIA Screening in Malaysia


The short film screening event  including “This is Tokyo” , SSFF & ASIA 2020 Grand Prix “November 1st” and other awards winners will be held on Sat, March 27th at Kuching in Malysia .

Screening Lineup is here:

Morning Screening

Better You by Eamonn Murphy

Incarnation by Ryu Suzuki

The Onederful Nation by Lynette Kong

Lost and Found in Yokohama by Yo Kohatsu

Limbo by John Luke Miraflor

Air Conditioner in PANMUNJEOM by Taehun LEE

Afternoon Screening

Lian by Darren Teo

For a Fistful of Toffee by Nikita Gavard Noyer, Clara Dulaut, Nghia Bui Trung, Berenger Guilbault, Martin Fettuciari, Timothee Maron & Ugo Masutti

Tapioca Diary by Takashi Okado  & Jon Cox

November 1st by Charlie Manton

The Stick by Teppo Airaksinen

We Deliver s Smil by Leni Lauritsch

Special Screening

This is Tokyo by Ben Suzuki

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