Announcement of SSFF & ASIA 2022 shortlist (1st)

Announcement of SSFF & ASIA 2022 shortlist (1st)

Starting this month, we will announce a shortlist from among the submitted films that will be nominated for the five Academy Awards® eligible categories, (Official Competition supported by Sony:International, Asia International, Japan and Animation & Non-fiction) at the Short Shorts Film Festival and Asia 2022. In August, we received a total of about 1,000 entries. In particular, there were many entries from the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, and from China, Iran, & India in Asia. 30% of the submitted films were directed by female filmmakers. Due to the spread of Covid on a global scale, there have been many dramas dealing with people’s separation and loneliness, but this year there has been an increase in short films in genres such as fantasy, comedy, and horror. Instead of depicting tragic, sorrowful events happening in the real world, we have seen submissions from filmmakers who are creating new & entertaining stories in their films!

Congratulations for all the filmmakers whose works are entered in the short list!!

We keep accepting the submission till Jan. 31, 2022.
Looking forward to seeing you at the festival 2022!!


~ SSFF & ASIA 2022 Short List (1st) ~
*The name of the film, the director name, and the country name will be listed in alphabetical order by category

 Title Director Country
Official Competition supported by Sony  International  Competition 
A Summer Place Alexandra Matheou Cyprus, France
An Encounter Kelly Campbell Ireland
AUGUST SKY  (Céu De Agosto) Jasmin Tenucci Brazil
Beautiful They Cloudy Rhodes Australia
Burros Jefferson Stein United States
CENSOR OF DREAMS. (LE CENSEUR DES RÊVES) Leo Berne &  Raphaël Rodriguez France
Did you hear the trees? Lena Jaworska Poland
Enjoy Saul Abraham United Kingdom
First Last Summer Nastazja Gonera Poland
FRONTIER  (FRONTIÈRE) Daouda Kanouté France
IF IT AIN’T BROKE Elinor Nechemya Israel
In The Soil Casper Rudolf Emil Kjeldsen Denmark
JEFF Walter Joesph Woodman Canada
Little Berlin Kate McMullen France
¡Llámame Chinita! Stacy Chu United States
Neon Phantom  (Fantasma Neon) Leonardo Martinelli Brazil
OUT OF TIME  (A CONTRE TEMPS) Delphine Montaigne France
Roy Tom Berkeley & Ross White United Kingdom
Shielded Jan Verdijk Netherlands
Sideral Carlos Segundo Brazil
Still Awake? David Payne Czech Republic
Techno, Mama Saulius Baradinskas Lithuania
The Departure (Le Départ) Said Hamich France
The Guard. (El Guardián) Héctor Fernández Cachón Spain
THE RIGHT WORDS  (HAUT LES COEURS) Adrian Moyse Dullin France
Titan Valéry Carnoy Belgium
Vivaldi: Stabat Mater Sebastian Panczyk Poland
Wednesday Eeva Mägi Estonia
Yellow Cross My Heart. (Flaggan) Inga Kempe &  Elina Sahlin Sweden
Official Competition supported by Sony  Asia International  Competition 
All the Crows in the World. (天下烏鴉) Yi Tang Hong Kong
Angel Dicky Chalmers Taiwan
Cicada Daewoen YOON Korea, Republic of
Crow Island. (Kakathuruth) Mohammed Ali Faisal India
Fire Room. (菲與火) Ka Ki Wong Hong Kong
Her and I. (軟弱的梨) Chen Shao Chun Taiwan
Left  Handed Nasrin Mohammadpour Iran
Live Baggio Jiang China
my sister  (姊姊) Ke Yin Pan Taiwan
Sandstorm. (Mulaqaat) Seemab GUL Pakistan
Slight Fever. (微热) Hongzhi LIU China
Sound of the Night. (Somleng reatrey) Chanrado SOK & Kongkea VANN Cambodia
Visiting Time Vahid Sedaghat Iran
West Love  (Kisah Cinta Dari Barat) M. Reza Fahriyansyah Indonesia
When I Fell from the Tree (當我從樹上掉落時) Hsieh Li-Ling Taiwan
Winter by the River  (冬日河) Shuyao Chen China
Yến Julia Feige Vietnam
Official Competition supported by Sony  Japan  Competition 
いってきます (Ittekimasu) 高山 隆一 (Ryuichi Takayama) Japan
家族の灯 (Family Lights) 山本 尚志 (Takashi Yamamoto) Japan
蜘蛛 (Spider) 後藤 美波 (Minami Gotou) Japan
ビューティフルワールド ペタロの時代の愛        (BEAUTIFUL WORLD – LOVE IN THE TIME OF PETALO-) 横堀 光範  (Mitsunori Yokobori) Japan
ぼくはぜろにみたない (I am less than zero ) 外山 文治  (Bunji Sotoyama) Japan
理想の妻 (Ideal wife) 谷口 譲   (Joe Taniguchi) Japan
忘れられない (Unforgettable) Junki Tachibana Japan
The Voice Actress Anna J. Takayama Japan
ten 板橋 基之 (Motoyuki Itabashi) Japan
 Animation Competition
A Descent into the Maelström David Daenemark Czech Republic
アノナツココナツ (ANONATSU COCONUT) 多田 文彦     (Fumihiko Tada) Japan
Blink in the Desert 副島 しのぶ (Shinobu Soejima ) Japan
FALL OF THE IBIS KING Mikai Geronimo & Josh O’Caoimh Ireland
Homebird Ewa Smyk United Kingdom
House of memory (La casa de la memoria) Sofía Rosales Arreola Mexico
How Small! Charlene Xu United States
In Nature (Dans la Nature) Marcel Barelli Switzerland
Local Middle Schooler Sanjna Bharadwaj United States
マンガガールズ (MANGA girls) 祁答院 雄貴 (Yuuki Kedouin ) Japan
目玉 (MEDAMA – eyeball ) Anna Yamamoto Japan
Sisters Andrea Szelesová Czech Republic
Skindeep Edi , YUCA, Youth United States
The Seine’s tears (Les larmes de la Seine) Yanis Belaid, Eliott Benard, Nicolas Mayeur, Etienne Moulin, Hadrien Pinot, Lisa Vicente, Philippine Singer & Alice Letailleur France
Under the skin, the bark. (Sous la peau, l’écorce) Franck Dion France
Vegetable Rising Shreyom Ghosh India
Non-Fiction Competition
A Day’s Work Max Kerkhoff Germany, Myanmar
A Man in Chain Alireza Mirasadollah United Kingdom
I Walk 小谷野 五王 (Gou Koyano) Japan
NAYA Sebastian Mulder Netherlands
Shadows in the Dark Maren Hahnfeld Germany
最終頁 (The Last Page) 中村 洸太 (Kota Nakamura) Japan
The road bad and the place dark Borja Larrondo Spain
thing. (Ding) Pascale Egli & Aurelio Ghirardelli Switzerland
VO Nicolas Gourault France
WATER AND ROCK Bertrand Rocourt France
Yoshino Ringyo: The Lumberjacks of Japan David Caprara United States
You Can’t Automate Me Katarina Jazbec Netherlands

Festival selections will be made from among the shortlisted films. The shortlist films will be selected monthly until the end of March, 2022 and will be uploaded on the festival’s official website by the end of April, 2022.This month’s shortlist is mainly for films submitted by the end of August, but the timing of the announcements may vary.