【report】Goshichon Film Festival in Korea

【report】Goshichon Film Festival in Korea

“HOME AWAY FROM HOME”, Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia special short film was invited to the 3rd Goshichon Film Festival in Korea on Sunday, Nov. 26.

SSFF & ASIA producer Mr. Hayashi participated in Asia Forum as a guest speaker. Korean filmmaker Mr. Kim Myung Jong, British filmmaker Mr. Forest Ian Etsler who works based on Korea, and French filmmaker Mr. Sébastien Simon discussed together.

“Goshi” means “exam” in Korean. Many of the residence are students here and they always have to prepare for school exams and creative works. This film festival is one of the symbolic event of such Goshichon area.




About 30 audiences attended the film screening and watched 3 short films. The first one “Audition” is about an unlucky actor who finally got the Zombie role. Even though his girl friend makes fun of it, he tries looking for his way if life. “HOME AWAY FROM HOME” was the 2nd and the 3rd one was “The Trouble Troubadour”. This was co-production of Japan, Korea, France and England. This art film depicted a drama of Japanese man who was misunderstood as music god in the deep Korean mountains. He looks back his life and goes on a pilgrimage with a small boat on the railway.

After screening of 3 characteristic works, guest speakers talked about film production and support from country for young creators in each country, and also how to read time in films.

s-image05Gshichon area has a lot of young filmmakers who have not made feature film. Kim told “As you see from my work, not general filmmaker, actor, musician and that kind of worker have hard time to get understanding from their family in Korea. Many young people who try escaping from those troublesome live in Goshichon area.”

Looking at situation of other country and he asked the other guest speaker how they think about future of Korean film production.

Forest answered “Getting shooting permission is relatively general in Korea. It’s getting very hard to obtain the permission in U.S. and Europe.”


Hayashi also replied “Compared to the U.S. and Europe, shooting in Tokyo is very difficult. Support from country and cities are necessary for Japanese creators.”

One of the speakers gave a comment about “HOME AWAY FROM HOME” as “the little planet made with 360 degrees camera beat me! Great expression.”

The event also had a discussion about film production in the East Asia and new movie expression.

Award ceremony was held at another venue in the same day and each award winner appeared on the stage.
s-image06The venue was used for Opening Ceremony. Mayor of Kuana area, Mr. Yu Jong-pil appeared with the costume of Bruce Lee. Continuing Charlie Chaplin last year, costume appearance might become the feature of the festival