[REPORT] Japanese Shorts Screened at Kaohsiung Film Festival in Taiwan!

[REPORT] Japanese Shorts Screened at Kaohsiung Film Festival in Taiwan!

Kaohsiung Film Fest (KFF) started on October 20th in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, and collaborates with SSFF & ASIA every year. The special program was screened on November 4th and featured 6 films which were screened at SSFF & ASIA 2017.


Films of SSFF & ASIA 2017 special program

Mitsuru Todoroki’s Assumptions
Home Away From Home

Ms. Strangedisposition or: How I Desire to Be Rich


A lot of audience members came to watch the latest Japanese shorts. The director of “MITOKOMON Z”, Showgo Ookawa, participated in the Q&A with his cast members Shigeki Maegawa and Madoka Harada. The programmer of KFF asked the director about the meaning behind “Z” and the reason why he decided to make a musical short film. The audience also asked the cast about what happened behind the scenes, and presented a unique question about why many Japanese films have punchlines.


“CINEMA FIGHTERS”, which is to be released in theaters in Japan next year, had its international premiere on November 5th at KFF’s new venue, MLD Cinema. SSFF & ASIA’s programmer participated in the Q&A after the screening, where she also talked about the projects and shared comments from the directors.


KFF successfully came to an end on November 5th, and “Greetings from Kropsdam” from the Netherlands won the Kaohsiung Award – Short Film this year.