Japanese short films presented at Asiana International Short Film Festival in Seoul!

Japanese short films presented at Asiana International Short Film Festival in Seoul!

The 15th Asiana International Short Film Festival (AISFF) kicked off last Thursday (Nov.2nd), at the Cine Cube Theater located in Gwanghwanmun, Seoul.

For the international competition of the 15th AISFF, a total of 5452 films from 125 countries were submitted. Finally, 47 films from 31 countries were selected.
Two Japanese films were in its International competition, including “Kyo-Netsu (director; Yuji Mitsuhashi)” which was selected also at the Japan Competition of SSFF & ASIA 2017.

Yesterday (5th), “The Collection from Short Shorts Film Festival” was screened at Cine Cube Theater. After the screening, the MC introduced SSFF & ASIA Festival Director, Seigo Tono, who thanked the AISFF team and
especially Mr. Ahn Sung Ki, the ASIFF Festival Director.

Tono first explained the brief history of SSFF & ASIA which was founded in 1999 in Tokyo, Japan by a prominent Japanese actor, Tetsuya Bessho. He also explained how two festivals (SSFF & ASIA and AISFF) started to collaborate together, notably by exchanging short films that contain attractive elements and sceneries of tourism.

Tono also explained that in the past 5 years, SSFF & ASIA annually produces about 15 short films. “Home Away From Home,” which was produced by SSFF & ASIA and Tokyo Metropolitan Government(TMG) was screened, and Tono explained how the project began.
“Because of the Olympic and Paralympic games in Tokyo in 2020, TMG is looking for opportunities to
promote the city of Tokyo, and we gathered projects from young filmmakers. That’s how we picked the story.”

An audience member asked Tono what is the difference between a feature length film and a short film. Tono said,
“They are two complete different art media. Personally, I like short films which are meant to be very short. I don’t like short films that look like a feature length movie, meaning a director intends to show more of his capability as a feature length director than an artist of a short film.”

The Closing Ceremony of AISFF will take place tomorrow (7th) night, and we will see who will win the Grand Prix!