An Online Event with JICA! Experience Morocco Through Short Film on March 3rd

An Online Event with JICA! Experience Morocco Through Short Film on March 3rd

Visit the “real” Kingdom of Morocco through short films. JICA Yokohama x Short Shorts Online Screening and Talk Event!!

Short Shorts will hold an online event “Short Film Trip to Morocco” on Saturday, March 5th, in collaboration with JICA Yokohama.

The event will feature online screenings of two short films set in Morocco, “Aya Goes to the Beach” and “When they slept,” as well as a talk session with two international students from Morocco who will answer questions about Morocco.

While learning about the real culture and lifestyle of Morocco, which cannot be conveyed through text alone, we will also have a discussion on SDGs themes, such as “gender equality” from the film.

Kingdom of Morocco

Area: 446,000 square kilometers (about 1.2 times that of Japan, excluding Western Sahara)

Population: 36.03 million (as of 2018)

Capital: Rabat

Ethnicity: Arabs (65%), Berbers (30%)

Language: Arabic (official language), Berber (official language), French

Religion: Islam (state religion), mostly Sunni

(Taken from the ministry website)

The official name of the country is “Al-Mamlaka le Maghribiya” (meaning the “Kingdom of the Maghrib”).

In northwestern North Africa is a constitutional monarchy. It is located in the Maghrib* region. The Kingdom of Morocco is also known as Morocco. It is famous for its beautiful blue city of Chaouen and the Sahara Desert.

Special Guests

JICA Trainees from Morocco


DJ JOHN (John Haggerty): DJ/MC, Event & Space Producer, Location Coordinator/Translator. He has been working in the music industry since he was in undergrad, and has a broad knowledge of all genres, new and old. He is an unparalleled movie buff. Having grown up in Japanese and American culture, he is well known for his unique perspective.

Hobbies: Movies, reading (especially mysteries), cycling, baseball (in a local baseball team), bowling.

Special skill: Cooking (especially Italian)


Event Information

Date: March 5th, 2022 (Sat) 13:00~14:30 JST

Location: Online

Free of Charge!


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Screening Information

“When They Slept”

Dir. Maryam Touzani / Morocco / Drama / 2012 / 12:17

Story: Sarah lives with her mother, two brothers and her grandpa who she adored. But one day, her grandfather suddenly dies. In order to spend her last moments together, Sarah waits for everyone to fall asleep… This is the director’s first short film.

“Aya Goes to the Beach”

Dir. Maryam Touzani / Morocco / Drama / 2015 / 12:18

Story: Aya, a 10-year-old girl, works as a maid in a small house in Casablanca. Locked away from the world, she takes care of the chores. Intelligent, and funny Aya finds happiness in everyday. As the Aïd feast approaches Aya hoped that she could go see her family.

Director: Maryam Touzani

Maryam Touzani spent her childhood in Morocco before going to a university in London. Back in her country, she worked as a journalist specializing in cinema. Soon, she felt the need to express herself through her own films. Her first short film “When They Slept” earned awards from festivals around the world.

What is JICA?

JICA is an abbreviation for Japan International Cooperation Agency, which in Japanese means the Japan International Cooperation Agency. They provide international cooperation to developing countries.

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