Announcement of SSFF & ASIA 2022 shortlist (2nd)

Announcement of SSFF & ASIA 2022 shortlist (2nd)

Beginning last month, we have released a shortlist that will be nominated from among the entries for the Five Academy Awards® categories (International, Asia International, Japan, Animation, Non-fiction) at the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2022.

In September, we received about 1,200 submissions. There were many shorts submitted from the United States, France, Spain, and especially from Asia, China, India, and South Korea. 5% of the total submissions were from Japan. In addition, about 40% of the students’ short films came as a result of the graduation season overseas.

As was the case last month, there were many films with stories about family, romantic relationships, and life and death. These were followed by films related to lifestyles and to the workplace. Among the submissions in the science fiction and fantasy genres, there were many films that used mysticism and dreams, as well as satirizing modern society. Congratulations to all the short listed filmmakers!!

We keep accepting the submission till Jan. 31, 2022. Looking forward to seeing you at the festival 2022!!

~ SSFF & ASIA 2022 Short List (2nd) ~
*The name of the film, the director name, and the country name will be listed in alphabetical order by category

Title Director Country
Official Competition supported by Sony International Competition
Action Benoît Monney Switzerland
Amygdala (ΑΜΥΓΔΑΛΗ) Maria Hatzakou Greece
An Irish Goodbye Ross White & Tom Berkeley Ireland
Aurora and the House of Lights Ángela Matiz & María Matiz Colombia
Back to the West Boris Hadzija Germany
BJ’s Mobile Gift Shop Jason Park United States
Bleach (Bleacj) Mattias Graham Canada
Bleue Ornella Pacchioni France
BLIND SPOTS Luis Schubert Germany
Bystander (عن بُعد) rachel aoun Lebanon
Deaf (SORDA) Nuria Muñoz-Ortín & Eva Libertad Spain
Each Other (L’un l’autre) Clara Prévost Canada
Endless heat (CALOR INFINITO) Joaquín León Spain
Entre tú y Milagros Mariana Saffon Colombia
Fever (La Fièvre) Matias Carlier Switzerland
Hold Up Alison Rodrigues Australia
In Dreams (Uni) Pete Riski Finland
Unliveable (Inabitável ) Matheus Farias & Enock Carvalho Brazil
Iniquity Oliver Goodrum United Kingdom
It Feels Personal Hugh Clegg United Kingdom
Jupiter Rain Imanol Ruiz de Lara Spain
LEO BY NIGHT (Léo la nuit) Nans Laborde-Jourdàa France
Monkey-Love, Please Hold Greg Fox Canada
My friend (Mon Ami) Michaël Bier & Hervé Piron Belgium
Night Breakers Campoy Gabriel, Lafoz Guillem Spain
Our own land (Nous n’irons plus en haut) Simon Helloco France
Penthouse Vegard Dahle & Line Klungseth Johansen Norway
Primal Therapy (Suoterapia) Santtu Salminen Finland
Rachels Don’t Run Joanny Causse United States
SHARK Nash Edgerton Australia
Snooze Adam Collins Ireland
Stagnant Konrad Kultys Poland
Starched Collars (Cuellos Almidonados) Daniel Rodríguez Risco Peru
Sunnies Ismail Khan Australia
The Blanket (Lakana) Teppo Airaksinen Finland
The child and the night (L’Enfant et la nuit) Pascale Hannoyer France
The Mouse Theo Baines United Kingdom
The Red Sultan Joachim Besançon United States
Two Women (שתי נשים) Yuval Kaminsky Israel
Va dans les bois Lucie Prost France
Viral Shriejan Paudel Netherlands
Official Competition supported by Sony Asia International Competition
A Grandpa’s Uniform and the Other Things of Fear (Pedhut) Christian Banisrael Indonesia
A shared path Negar Naghavi Iran, Islamic Republic of
Black Rainbow Zig Dulay Philippines
Can’t go out tonight (집 밖은 위험해) Chang-geun Cho Korea, Republic of
Last Call (Panggilan Terakhir) Eysham Ali Singapore
Lili Alone Zou Jing China
Maturity Nazanin Ghanbarimohammadi Iran, Islamic Republic of
Moshari (মশারি) Nuhash Humayun Bangladesh
Murder Tongue Ali Sohail Jaura Pakistan
Nasi (最后的女猎人) Xiaoting Tang China
Please… See Us Chaweng Chaiyawan Thailand
Solar Eclipse Alireza Ghasemi & Raha Amirfazli Iran, France
SWALLOW Mai Nakanishi Taiwan, Japan
The daughter (유산) Soon-a Nam Korea, Republic of
The Note Jen Nee Lim Singapore
The Sea Calls for Me (Laut Memanggilku) Tumpal Tampubolon Indonesia
The Silent Echo Suman Sen India, Nepal
When you need 22% Hanna Yoon Korea, Republic of
Whispering Wind (风行草偃) Tianli Liu China
Official Competition supported by Sony Japan Competition
Alone & Clone 葛西 勇也 (Yuya Kasai) Japan
いちご好きにはたまらない! チョベリベリベリストロベリー好き 髙橋 栄一 (Eiichi Takahashi) Japan
充電人 (JUDENCHU) 西 遼太郎 (Ryotarou Nishi) Japan
鋭いプロポーズ 髙橋 栄一 (Eiichi Takahashi) Japan
それでも幸福でいなさい 定谷 美海 (Yoshimi Joya) Japan
Chained Takafumi Sakabe Japan
父ありき (Still is) 市原 俊幸 (Toshiyuki Ichihara) Japan
灰色の散弾銃 五十嵐 仁 (Hitoshi Igarashi) Japan
人 (Hito) 龍大朗 山口 (Ryutarou Yamaguchi) Japan
PREPARE TO MARCH!! 龍 健太 (Ryu Kenta) Japan
マカロニサラダ (Makaronisarada) 斉藤 かおり (Kaori Saito) Japan
マニブスの種 (minibus seeds) 芦原 健介 (Kensuke Aihara) Japan
Animation Competition
A Guitar in the Bucket (버킷) Boyoung Kim Korea, Republic of
Airborne Andrzej Jobczyk Poland
Carnivorous Bean Sprout SeO Korea, Republic of
Cromosoma X Lucia Bulgheroni Italy
Florian Gustav Bengtsson & David Bengtsson Sweden
Life’s a Bitch (Жизнь-паскуда) Varya Yakovleva Russian Federation
Lifeblood Nicholas Tory Australia
Liv&Bell ” Bell’s long thin friend “ Natsuki Kida Japan
Other Half Lina Kalcheva United Kingdom
Pistachio Isabella Spadone United States
Roberto Carmen Córdoba González Spain
サマーブルー 澤田 杏奈 (Anna Sawada) Japan
Swipe Arafat Mazhar Pakistan
高野交差点 (Takano Intersection) 伊藤 瑞希 (Mizuki Ito) Japan
The awakening of the insects (Le réveil des insectes) Stephanie Lansaque & Francois Leroy France
The Clearing Daniel Hope United Kingdom
The Visit (Wizyta) Mateusz Jarmulski Poland
The Windshield Wiper Alberto Mielgo Spain
TIO Juan Medina Mexico
わたしのトーチカ (Our Little Pond) 石舘 波子 (Namiko Ishidate) Japan
 Non-Fiction Competition
Acts For The Invisible Kate Vinen Australia
Barefoot Empress Vikas Khanna India
Belle River Guillaume Fournier, Samuel Matteau & Yannick Nolin United States
Beyond the Wire Ted Griswold United States
BLOOD for HORSES Antonin Lechat France
Extra (Figurante) Nacho Fernández Spain
Lalito 10 Jordan Matthew Horowitz United States
May•JEJU•Day (메이•제주•데이) Jude KANG Korea, Republic of
Merenberg Daniel Negrete Colombia
タイプーサム (THAIPUSAM) 佐々木 光洋 (Koyo Sasaki) Japan
TRUSTFALL Stefan David Witts Norway
Where Is My Darling? Adam Finney Australia
YOUR NAME IS Paulo Patrício Portugal


Festival selections will be made from among the shortlisted films.
The shortlist films will be selected monthly until the end of March, 2022 and will be uploaded on the festival’s official website by the end of April, 2022.This month’s shortlist is mainly for films submitted by the end of September, but the timing of the announcements may vary.