Announcement of SSFF & ASIA 2022 shortlist (3rd)

Announcement of SSFF & ASIA 2022 shortlist (3rd)

Beginning in August, we have released a shortlist that will be nominated from among the entries for the Five Academy Awards® categories (International, Asia International, Japan, Animation, Non-fiction) at the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2022. In October, we received about 300 submissions. There were many shorts submitted from the United States, France, and Canada. About 1/3 were shorts from first time directors and another 1/3 were directed by female filmmakers. As in the submissions in August and September, we received shorts about life & family, and also work/workplace. Notable were shorts that placed emphasis and focus in the sound or audio elements of the films. Perhaps this was a by-product of limits placed on the shooting and production process by Covid.

There is now about one month remaining until the submission deadline. We’re looking forward to many more submissions for you!

~ SSFF & ASIA 2022 Short List (3rd) ~
*The name of the film, the director name, and the country name will be listed in alphabetical order by category

Title  Director  Country
Official Competition supported by Sony International Competition
10:45 George Gogichaishvili Georgia
A NEW PERSPECTIVE Emanuela Ponzano Italy
Borekas (بوريكاس) Saleh Saadi Palestine
Good Morning Midnight (Bonjour Minuit) Elisabeth Silveiro France
Hantu Kim Kokosky Deforchaux Netherlands
Harry The Hamster Lewis Reeves United Kingdom
Noctuidae Alexandra (Ali) Mauritz Germany
The Bridge Rodrigue Hammal Canada
The Life Underground Loïc Hobi Switzerland
The Night I Left America Laki Karavias United States
The Oysters (Les Huîtres) Maia Descamps Belgium
Zafar Aqsa Altaf & John X Carey United States
Official Competition supported by Sony Asia International Competition
Auntie Oh Lives In Your Memories Kathleen Bu Singapore
Hourglass House Yinghai Hu China
Tank Fairy (桶妝仙女) Erich Rettstadt (雷利) Taiwan
The Moment of Heera Jin-young LEE Korea, Republic of
We have to love each other. LEE Ru-ri Korea, Republic of
Official Competition supported by Sony Japan Competition
1.2% 齋藤 栄美 (Emi Saito) Japan
風を聴く(Listen to the wind) 高原 修一 (Shuichi Takahara) Japan
再演 (Replay) 土屋 哲彦 (Tetsuhiko Tsuchiya) Japan
時雨さんの渡世 (Shigure’s Choice) 晴日 カシュ (Kash Haruhi) Japan
誰も言わない (Nobody says) 霞 翔太 (Shota Kasumi) Japan
つめたいあかり(Cold Light) 永岡 俊幸 (Toshiyuki Nagaoka) Japan
街の声が聞きたい 高島 優毅 (Yuki Takashima) Japan
笑いのリズム (Rhythm) 安楽 将士 (Masashi Anraku) Japan
Animation Competition
Alternate Mesozoic Swann Boby, Lucie Laudrin, Marion Métivier, Léna Miguet, Sixtine Sanrame & Marie Schaeffer France
Death and the Winemaker Victor Jaquier Switzerland
LUNCHEON MAD 羽部 空海 (Sorami Habu) Japan
Merry Big Mess Sacha Gosselin, Ambre Bohin, Timothé ballan, Amaury Emond, Hugo Joron, Arthur Morle, Antoine Tomasi & Clémence Van Gout France
Mr. Spam Gets a New Hat William Joyce United Kingdom
New《Divergence》 Lijun Sun & Yongliang Shen China
Punctured Sky Jon Rafman United States
Non-Fiction Competition
At Eye Level Mauro Mueller Mexico
Gina Kathryn Prescott United States
Nsenene Michelle Coomber United Kingdom
Nuisance Bear Jack Weisman & Gabriela Osio Vanden Canada
TWO FATHERS (MEINE VÄTER) Julia von Heinz Germany
When We Were Them Danis Tanović & Damir Šagolj Bosnia and Herzegovina

Festival selections will be made from among the shortlisted films.
The shortlist films will be selected monthly until the end of March, 2022 and will be uploaded on the festival’s official website by the end of April, 2022.
This month’s shortlist is mainly for films submitted by the end of October, but the timing of the announcements may vary.