TABIMOJA, a WEB site for tourism in Japan, now open!

TABIMOJA, a WEB site for tourism in Japan, now open!

A destination where you can enjoy appealing things such as beautiful nature, unique food culture and historical sites, all at the same time.
That is Japan.
An encounter with an appealing side of Japan that you don’t yet know.


TABIMOJA is an abbreviation of the Japanese word “Tabi” (which means journey) and the English words “Motion” and “Japan.”
It is a project that introduces attractive tourism videos from all around Japan through the Internet. The Japanese language version was launched in 2012 and the English version, in 2017.

What identifies TABIMOJA is that it introduces the unique story of an area through video. For example, in an area that has abundant seascapes, it depicts the growth of a young man through surfing. Or it shows local residents of a hot spring resort town that has recovered from an earthquake telling their stories.
These are not sightseeing guides, but videos of attractive regions in Japan and the people who live there.

Why not take a journey though Japan, discover the hidden gems by going off the beaten path and know Japan on a deeper level?