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Short Film "The Old Woman Skin"

Short Film "The Old Woman Skin"



The Old Woman Skin

19m 56s / 2021

"I don't like to be told I'm beautiful."
Before going to Tokyo from her hometown of Mishima, Fukushima Prefecture, Kyoko stopped by at Tsuchiyu Onsen and was handed an "old woman's skin." This allowed her transform herself into an old woman, enabling her to find out what's truly in the heart of the man she cares about ...


  • Konatsu Kato

    Konatsu Kato

    Born in Tokyo, 1999. Konatsu was scouted in Harajuku while still in junior high school student and has since appeared in many commercials. She debuted on TV after being selected out of 700 actors in an audition for the role of heroine Aiko Asō. In addition, she starred in the web video "Haru" which won the SUNRISE CineAD Award in the BRANDED SHORTS category of the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia in 2018. She is in her first starring role in a TV drama, "Toritateya Honeys." (dTV channel, Hikari TV)

  • Kenta Hamano

    Kenta Hamano

    Born in Kanagawa Prefecture, 1981. He is the vocalist and leader of the band "Zainichi Funk." His appearance “Cannonball Wedlock” began his career as an actor as well appearing in “Dias Police: Dirty YellowBoys,”Yamikin Ushijima Kun part 3,”The 8-Year Engagement, and ”My Father, The Bride” and "Remain in Twilight." In 2021, he will appear in the TV drama "Okaeri Monet," and the movies "The Door into Summer" and "Hato no Gekitaiho."

  • Miho Kanazawa

    Miho Kanazawa

    Born in Kanagawa Prefecture,1994. She debuted in 2007 with TBS’s "Ai no Uta!" Since then, she has appeared in television, film, and the stage. Her films include the hit films "Suspect X", "the Anthem of the Heart”, NTV’s "Anata no ban desu," and NHK TV series "エール." In 2009, she won the 1st TAMA Film Award for Best New Actress at THE TAMACINEMA FORUM. Her latest film is "The Cinderella Addiction" (Released February 2021).

  • Hairi Katagiri

    Hairi Katagiri

    Born in Tokyo, 1963. Graduated from Seikei University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Japanese Literature. Started acting while working part-time at the Ginza Bunka Cinema, movie theater. Since the 1980’s, she has broadened her appearances to include television and film but mainly on the stage. In recent years, she has appeared on many stage performances directed by Suzuki Matsuo and Shūji Onodera. In TV dramas she has many diverse roles including an “Ama-san” (Sea woman), a teacher, and a scientist. In addition to her acting, she still volunteers sometimes in Kineka Omori, a local movie theater, as a ticket taker. Her latest films are ”Kinema no Kamisama” (release date: August 6th, 2021) and "Koi no Manazashi" (release year: 2021).

  • Keiko Takahashi

    Keiko Takahashi

    Born in Hokkaido, 1955. In 1970, she made her acting debut in "Kōkōsei Burusu" in her original stage name Keiko Sekine. Since then, he has appeared in numerous films over a 50 year career in television, film, stage and commercials. Her hit films include "Tattoo Ari" (1982), "Hana monogatari" (1989) and "Fumiko no Umi" (2007). She has received awards including the 3rd Asahi Performing Arts Award, the Akiyama Matsushiyo Award (2004), the 62nd Mainichi Film Competition, Supporting Actress Award (2008), and the 64th Mainichi Film Competition Tanaka Kinuyo Award (2010).


Hiroki Inoue

Hiroki Inoue

He made his directorial debut in 2009 with the film “Panic 4ROOMS.” In 2017, he directed and wrote for one story starring Mayu Hotta in the omnibus horror film "Mad Flower" which was screened at Shinjuku Cinema Qualite. The short film "痣" was screened at the Cannes Film Festival "SHORT FILMS FROM JAPAN 2018," in addition to receiving the Japan Category Best Actress award at the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2018.
The film was acclaimed in Japan and abroad. In 2019, he wrote and directed “魔女に焦がれて” in the Third Cinema Fighters Project, "That Moment, My Heart Cried," which had a special screening at the Tokyo International Film Festival. He wrote and directed the 2019 theatrical releases of "1 in 400,000" and the 2020 theatrical releases of "新卒ポモドーロ” and "LOVE STAGE." In 2020, he wrote and directed the SSFF & ASIA Creators Support Project, "Scar" starring Ayame Gōriki.