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Tidy Up

Satsuki Okawa/ Japan/USA/ 15:00 /Comedy/2011

Akira enlists his friends to help clean up his deceased mother's trash-filled house. But when he arrives his sister is there and doesn't want him to touch anything.
Can Akira accomplish his task or will his stubborn sister have her way?

The Fish and the Ring

Ervinna Cahyadi/Singapore/4:00/Animation/2010

An old lady in a shipwreck full of memories, an old man at a jetty who just lost a precious ring and a fish who ate the ring thinking it was supper. A simple, story telling how the two were separated and how an unusual helped reunited them.

Blood Ties

Ken Ochiai/ Japan/USA/ 7:05 /Drama/ 2011

A bus accident forces an emergency room doctor to make an impossible choice, either save the life of a young boy, or his elderly mother- or lose them both.

Scumbag, Pervert, and the Girl in Between

Bruce Hwang Chen /Taiwan/USA/ 15:00/Comedy/ 2010

A high school outcast tries to impress a girl by retrieving her stolen pair of P.E. shorts from a town pervert.

Directed by Chan-wook Park and his brother, Chan-kyong Park, winner of Berlinale!

Night Fishing

PARKing CHANce (Park Chan-wook, Park Chankyong)/ South Korea/33:12/Drama/2011

A man with his fishing gear walks deep in the woods through the fog. He arrives at a river and leisurely starts fishing. Later, night has fallen and he hasn't caught much fish. Just then, he hooks something big but it's not something he can put on his dinner plate.