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Chinese Vegetable

Yuki Kawamura/Japan/France/25:00/Drama/2010

A young woman is being offered seeds of a vegetable with incredible energetic properties. The care required by the culture of these vegetables opens internal perspectives to the young woman, which transform her step by step. The insipid routine of this young woman takes slowly a direction.

A Purpleman

Tak-Hoon Kim, Jin-Young Yoo, Jin-Ho Ryu, Sungho Park/Sourh Korea/13:01/Animation/2010

18 year-old North Korean Hyuk is released from prison and succeeds in escaping from the North to South Korea. He now lives there but is disheartened by poverty and discrimination. He's not red, the color of the North, nor blue of South Korea. What color is he?

Left or Right

Hiroaki Inoue/ Japan/ 6:02 /Comedy/ 2010

Japanese people have a tendency to be slow with making decisions. But quick decision making is the key to success in the current global environment. This film follows an indecisive man and how his personality trait affects his life.


Lawrence Ong Singapore/ 14:59 /Drama/ 2010

A lonely boy who moves into a new neighborhood establishes an unusual friendship with a beam of light which enters his room one night. "Beam" is a heartwarming story about a friendship gained and lost at an age of innocence.

Miyuki's Wind Bell

Ken Ochiai/ Japan/ 20:00 /Drama/ 2011

Miyuki visits her grandmother with her two younger step brothers. The inconvenience of country life is not for Miyuki and this only exasperates her. She meets Genki who shows her a "secret place" where an unexploded bomb from World War II is kept.