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The Fish and the Ring

Ervinna Cahyadi/Singapore/4:00/Animation/2010

An old lady in a shipwreck full of memories, an old man at a jetty who just lost a precious ring and a fish who ate the ring thinking it was supper. A simple, story telling how the two were separated and how an unusual helped reunited them.


Blood Ties

Ken Ochiai/Japan/USA/7:05/Drama/2011

A bus accident forces an emergency room doctor to make an impossible choice, either save the life of a young boy, or his elderly mother- or lose them both.


Scumbag, Pervert, and the Girl in Between

Bruce Hwang Chen /Taiwan/USA/15:00/Comedy/2010

A high school outcast tries to impress a girl by retrieving her stolen pair of P.E. shorts from a town pervert.


Night Fishing

PARKing CHANce (Park Chan-wook, Park Chan-kyong)/South Korea/33:12/Drama/2011

A man with his fishing gear walks deep in the woods through the fog. He arrives at a river and leisurely starts fishing. Later, night has fallen and he hasn't caught much fish. Just then, he hooks something big but it's not something he can put on his din


Black and White

Karthik Subbaraj Gajaraj/India/9:19/Thriller/2010

A spine-chilling tale of mysterious happenings when a award-winning photographer receives a vintage camera as a gift. One feels as if all the colors have been sucked up by the vintage camera leaving us with a terrifying world.



Shohei Tada/Japan/5:38/Comedy/2010

A mysterious iron ball wanders and floats around, looking for its destination. It ends up with a guy leading a dull life. This film follows a lost iron ball in its search for its ultimate place in the world.


Good Night

Dong-hun Kang/South Korea/11:40/Drama/2009

Seung-yeon has been nursing her husband in a vegetative state for some time. On his birthday, she puts on her make-up, lies next to him on a hospital bed, and makes love for the last time in their lives.


From Bus Stop with Love

Yasuhito Tachibana/Japan/14:14/Drama/2010

Two young bit-part actors playing villains are walking down a country road. Villain A, has punched the star actor and left the shoot. Villain B is trying to convince him to return. Their argument turns into a therapy session searching for purpose and mean


Madam Butterfly

Ming-Liang Tsai/Taiwan/France/35:00/Drama/2009

50 year-old Baozhu roams in the middle of Kuala Lumpur's bus station. Her lover has abandoned her in the hotel, leaving the bill for her to pay. Without money to go home, Baozhu wanders around the station with a hair of her lover stuck in her throat



Toshimichi Saito/Japan/USA/12:57/Drama/2010

Will, a gifted oboe player, suffers from stage fright. His one joy is to play along with a violinist who performs outside his window everyday. Will's encounter with the violinist gives him the courage to perform in front of others & a new outlook in life.

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