Kaohsiung Film Festival Program from Taiwan

iTSCOM / 6/22 fri 13:30-15:20

Man, Monkey, Mannequin

Dan Chi HUANG/19'23''/Taiwan/Drama/2017

San is the owner of an old watch and clock shop that is past its prime. He never leaves his store, until an old friend passed away. San finally decides to go hiking, but ends up with a broken leg. The monkeys in the mountains are making fun of him.

Kaohsiung Film Festival 2017 (Taiwan)

Director : Dan Chi HUANG

Dan Chi was born in 1987 in Taipei, Taiwan. She works on feature films, documentaries and advertisements. Her works include "Man, Monkey, Mannequin" (2017), "Summer Trifles" (2014) and "h = 1/2 gt²"(2009). Her works often focus sharply on human nature.

iTSCOM / 6/22 fri 13:30-15:20