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SHIDAX / 6/17 sun 11:20-13:10


Nobuyuki Yamatsu/4:58/Japan/Drama/2018

Today, people are living with complex relationships in a society where anything can be done very easily. A lonely boy wanted to have friends. One day while watching the other boys playing in the park, this longing became stronger. This is a 5 minute film

Director : Nobuyuki Yamatsu

Nobuyuki Yamatsu is a member of the Broadcasting Club in Osaka Meisei Gakuen High School. His film “Wagahai Wa Semi Ya!!” was nominated in the Liberal Program of the High School Eiga Worldcup 2017. In the same year, his 2016 film “Gendai De Aruku Osaka No Jin” was nominated for the Humor Award.

SHIDAX / 6/17 sun 11:20-13:10