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SHIDAX / 6/17 sun 11:20-13:10

you and

Yuto Hirayama/4:50/Japan/Drama/2018

This is a story about an ordinary couple. Their happy days pass by quickly, and the wife later becomes bedridden due to brain tumor. She won't survive long, and her husband can merely watch over his beloved wife. A universal story about the meeting and pa

Director : Yuto Hirayama

Yuto Hirayama was born on August 3, 1996. He started to love films from childhood and was inspired by “Star Wars”. He started studying film from 2015 as part of the Photography and Film Department in Kyushu Sangyo University. In 2016, he joined Hirokazu Koreeda’s LSF workshop. In 2017, Yuto took part in the Digital Contents Japan-Thailand Training Program held in Fukuoka, and Keishi Otomo’s LSF workshop.

SHIDAX / 6/17 sun 11:20-13:10