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Some Day

Hiroshi Kon/21:44/Japan/Drama/2018

Tomoyori, 2nd grade at high school, meets a girl who lost her memory. She mistakes Tomoyori for her boyfriend and he tries to tell her the fact, but she never listens. Eventually he starts to like her, and he discovers her big secret. Where does this love go?

Director : Hiroshi Kon

Hiroshi Kon is both writer and director of the film. He has directed and produced many TV documentaries and lifestyle information programs for public broadcaster NHK and other TV stations. He also works as an audiovisual contents creator. In early 2000s, he planned the animation series called "The Galaxy Railways" to mark the 50th anniversary of the career of Japanese Manga Legend Leiji Matsumoto. He produced the series as it was planned in the year 2003.

spaceo / 6/9 sat. 13:30-15:20