VR 360° 4

VR360 4

Dolphin Man VR SEARCH

Benoît Lichté/06:33/Japan/Documentary/2017

Dolphin Man VR” introduces the profound and charming ocean world that Jack Maillard loved. It consists of three episodes and one of them -“SEARCH” will be screened at SSFF & ASIA 2018. With the engineer and biologist Fabrice Schnöller, you can experience "heterogeneous communication"!

Director : Benoît Lichté

Benoît Lichté is a director of documentaries and 360°videos. Notable projects include a 60-minute 360°film featuring extreme sports, the TV documentary “Le Goût du risqué”, which can be enjoyed through a VR application, and many more!
Photo:(c)Benoit Lichtè