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Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2024
KODANSHA Cinema Creators Lab. Competition Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines


The Kodansha Cinema Creators’ Lab is calling out for short film pitches with the aim of discovering new filmmakers from around the world. We will award ¥10,000,000※ for you to make your short film and after the film is completed, we will submit your film to film festivals all over the world.
The submissions from a wide range of creators including not only filmmakers but also artists and screenwriters with brilliant ideas are welcome and We will announce the best pitch projects at SSFF & ASIA 2024 which will be held in June, 2024. SSFF & ASIA is accredited by the Academy Awards and one of the biggest international short film festivals in Asia.
Kodansha’s purpose is “Inspire Impossible Stories”. We are looking forward to receiving pitches from visual creators who want to work together to create an impossible story that will inspire the world and someone’s heart!
※Payment will be made in accordance with a separately concluded contract.


Individuals, Companies & Corporations, Groups & Organizations are eligible to submit. Directors, producers, animators, CG creators, production companies, and actors are all welcome to apply.


Please fill out the Kodansha Cinema Creators’ Lab – Submission Requirements below.

Submission Period:Open – Tuesday, August 1, 2023, start time: 14:00 (JST) / Close – Thursday, November 30, closing time: 23:59 (JST)
※ Submissions for multiple pitches are allowed, but please apply for one pitch at a time. ※ For data that exceeds capacity, please specify the URL for download (with unlimited access please).


Please fill out the Kodansha Cinema Creators lab submission form.
Please submit your proposal & résumé in one data file.
Please include the points below that best describes your pitch submission. (The short film must be no longer than 25 minutes)

◆Proposal Format:

  1. Proposal(*A:any format)
  2. Resume(*B)
  3. Storyboards or Screenplays (*Optional)
  4. Long Plot (About 500 words *Optional)

*A: In addition, if you can describe the following contents in the proposal, we will use it as a reference when selecting (not a required item).

  • Main cast “wish list” with filmographies
  • Visual images
  • Any footage from a work already in progress if any
  • Locations
  • Information on any copyright issues
  • Budget estimated breakdown (Regardless the budget is under ¥10,000,000, we will pay ¥10,000,000)
    ※Please specify if you plan to apply for the other funding, assistance, or grants other than Kodansha.

*B: Resume format:
・Biography or portfolio of past works (including reels, viewing links, etc.)

■ Films that have worldwide appeal are preferred.

■ All genres are welcome. Live-action, CG, animation, etc.

■ Unreleased short films, works in progress, sequels are acceptable.

■ Pitches based on books & manga from Kodansha Ltd., are acceptable. ※Please do not contact the copy right holder or Kodansha Ltd., at the time of application. Kodansha will verify permission of the copyright holder at the time of final selection. Applicants do not need to contact Kodansha Ltd., at the time of application. In addition, please refrain from infringing on intellectual property rights, third party copyrights, slander, privacy, and all other legal rights.

■ Submissions that pass the first stage selection will be notified of the result by the end of January 2024 (it will also be announced on the special Kodansha Cinema Creators’ Lab page on the SHORT SHORTS official website). Those who have passed the first stage selection will be individually informed of the second judging interview.


■ Selected best pitches of the Kodansha Cinema Creators’ Lab will be required to enter into a contract (hereinafter referred to as “the Contract”) regarding the deliverables of this project with Kodansha.

■ Until the Contract is signed in writing, there shall be no rights or obligations between the submitter and Kodansha regarding this selection. In addition, all legal relationships between the submitter and Kodansha after the execution of the Contract shall be in accordance with the contents of the Contract.

■ We will fully disclose the contents of this contract at the time of the 2nd judging interview and we will execute the Contract only with your full consent. Please be assured that your submission alone will not be considered an acceptance of said the Contract.

■Acquisition of personal information

The following personal information that you provide in the application form will be used only for the operation of this contest.

  • Name
  • Mail address
  • Date of birth
  • Postal Code
  • Address
  • Telephone number

Personal information received will be promptly deleted after the contest ends.
*Provided that, the personal information of those who wish to receive e-mail magazines from the organizer will be stored even after the contest ends for distribution management purposes.

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■Inquiries regarding personal information

For inquiries regarding personal information in this contest, please contact the following e-mail address:

Kodansha Cinema Creators Lab. official web site:







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