"ShortShorts" conducts planning and production projects of short films with various companies and organisations.


On the Japanese tourism site, TABIMOJA, we gather and publish local PR videos from all over Japan.

TABIMOJA Project Site

Branded Short

This is a project that aims to spread and develop branded movies made by companies and organisations. We invite branded movies from around the world and decide on the “BRANDED SHORTS OF THE YEAR.” In June at the SSFF & ASIA, we collect and present branded movies from overseas advertisement festivals that are talked about. We also hold conferences and events related to video marketing.

Branded Short Project Site

Branded Movie Lab

By conducting analysis and research in a joint effort by Pacific Voice – that manages SSFF and Opt – that supports digital branding, we are able to disseminate its know-how and information as columns, case studies and survey analysis results. In doing so, we hope to support enterprise marketers, advertisement agencies and movie creators in the making of a branded movie.
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Branded Movie Lab Project Site

Short Film & Tokyo Project

To view Tokyo as an attractive travel destination from home and abroad, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will develop the branding strategy for the “Tokyo Brand”. SSFF & ASIA is one of the largest international short film festivals in Asia. Together, we will produce a short film named the “Short Film & Tokyo Project”, to help promote the “Tokyo Brand”.

Short Film & Tokyo Project Project Site

Cinema Fighters

ShortShorts teamed up with EXILE TRIBE, a group of artists that lead the Japanese entertainment scene of the 21st century, to work on the “Cinema Fighters” project which produces original short films. Every year about six short films are put together in omnibus form, and is released in theatres nationwide.

Cinema Fighters Project Site

Yokohama × SSFF & ASIA Project

As one project that aims to facilitate synergy, the “Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia,” and Academy Awards official international short film festival, will create a 10 to 15 minute short film on the theme “environmental futurist city.” The finished film will be a tool for the city of Yokohama to explain its environmental futurist city concept and the underlying ideas behind it to its citizens.

Yokohama × SSFF & ASIA Project Project Site