SSFF & ASIA 2024 Global Spotlight Award
Shortlist Vol.2 was announced

SSFF & ASIA 2024 Global Spotlight Award
Shortlist Vol.2 was announced

SSFF & ASIA 2024 annonced the shortlist vol.2 for this year’s Global Spotlight Award.

This Award is given to a work that conveys the present of the world in a changing world and opens up new possibilities for a filmmaker and supports short films that unites the world.

In 2021, Travon Free’s 2020 Black Lives Matter themed, Oscar(R) winning short film “Two Distant Strangers” was selected and in 2022, we were proud to announce the selection of NFT animation “Roborovski” (Australia) by Tilda Kobham-Harvey and Dev Petal (“Hotel Mumbai”) as the Global Spotlight Award. In 2023, Korean star Seo In Guk’s directorial short film “Trap by Seo In Guk” was selected in June and the directors greeted the audience with a video acceptance message.

The shortlist will be announced monthly from January to May and award will be given in the SSFF & ASIA 2024 in June.

For the 2nd shortlist, a human drama “Good Boy” directed by Tom Stuart and starred by Ben Wishaw, which was selected as a shortlist nominee of the Oscar 2024 as well and trilling short drama “The Heist” in which Emmy Award winner Michael Imperioli and 7 NBA stared were selected.

『Good Boy』

Out of money and out of luck, Danny is determined to turn his life around, but the interventions of his anarchic mum and the reappearance of figures from his past threaten to derail him at every turn.

Director:Tom Stuart

Casts:Ben Wishaw, Marion Bailey

『The Heist』

Set in a Las Vegas casino, the film begins with Michael Imperioli hatching a plan for “something that’s never been done before – all 30 teams, one NBA Cup. Such high stakes will require a team with special skills and a calculated strategy. As he unfurls the plan, he introduces the NBA stars, each with their own technique to grab the Cup for their squad.

Director:Karim Huu Do

Casts:Michael Imperioli, Anthony Davis, DeMar DeRozan, Trae Young, Julius Ran