DeCurret DCP Inc. becomes SSFF & ASIA’s Web3.0 partner Establishment of Amic Sign Award First ever international short film festival!Prize money awarded in digital currency DCJPY, aimed at creating a prosperous society with Web3.0 technology

DeCurret DCP Inc. becomes SSFF & ASIA’s Web3.0 partner Establishment of Amic Sign Award First ever international short film festival!Prize money awarded in digital currency DCJPY, aimed at creating a prosperous society with Web3.0 technology

The Award will be announced at the Opening Ceremony on June 4

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & ASIA) 2024, the US Academy Awards® accredited and Asia’s largest international short film festival, is pleased to announce that DeCurret DCP Inc., a digital currency business (Amic sign), will participate in the festival as a Web3.0 partner, and the establishment of the “Amic Sign Award” with the aim of creating a new sense of value not only in the financial world of digital currency, but also in the creator economy.
 The Amic Sign Award will be presented to a film from among the festival entries that expresses the concept of a ‘prosperous society and community’ of DeCurret DCP, which proposes a new form of connection among people through digital currency, and will be announced at the opening ceremony of the film festival. The prize money of DCJPY500,000 (Yen) will be awarded in digital currency. *The prize money, DCJPY, will be minted and awarded after the start of service.

SSFF & ASIA, which launched LIFE LOG BOX, an asset management service for creators, aims to develop a creator economy in the Web3.0 era through its partnership with DeCurret DCP, where creators can generate revenue from their own expressive activities.

Amic Sign is a platform that offers a new way of using bank deposit-type money (deposit tokens). Bank deposit-type refers to a system where money can be safely deposited and withdrawn.
Unlike traditional digital money, Amic Sign focuses on the secure transfer and convenience of funds and transforms the transaction process by introducing programmable money using blockchain technology.
This aims to open up business ideas and uses that have never been possible before.

Amic Sign will support a new kind of supporting my fave ” that connects creators and fans.

Our aim is to provide users with richer experiences through the power of technology in the field of entertainment.

The community built using Amic Sign brings together creators active in various industries and facilitates the formation of new communities where they can freely engage in creative production activities and where fans can also participate in the production process.

Creators and fans find mutual value in each other’s work and build stronger bonds by establishing a system whereby they can share funds and resources necessary for production.

Creators will also be able to manage and sell their work and earn revenue through matching with other creators and companies.

Through this new community and token utilizable project, the aim is to provide a place for creators to collaborate with each other and share sustainable value by bringing innovation to the entertainment industry.

▶️Amic Sign application examples

 *The examples on this site are hypothetical cases.

(1) Asset platform for creators

2) Seamless customer experience for all fans

3) Innovations in digital grant programs

▶️ digital entertainment experience of the future

 Satoshi Murabayashi, Representative Director, Chairman and President of DeCurret DCP Inc.added his hopes for the project: “This project with Amic Sign is a new step in the future of digital currency and we look forward to enjoying, evolving it with the film creators and fans, who share our vision, and  to having fun as we evolve.” 

SSFF & ASIA President Bessho also commented, “The festival, which is now in its 26th year, has been pioneering new initiatives such as the launch of the Metaverse online venue, the launch of the LIFE LOG BOX, a video digital data asset management platform for creators, the online NFT Global Content Market, and others. Film has grown alongside technology and expanded its creative horizons. Prize money through digital currency project with DeCurret DCP using Web3.0 technology is a big step on the future map that will take the asset management of moving image intellectual property, including film, to the next level.”

DeCurret DCP Inc.

Established: February, 2020

Address: 2-10-2 Fujimi, Chiyoda City, Tokyo, 102-0071, Japan

Business: Digital currency business

Electronic Payment Service Provider: Kanto Local Finance Bureau License No. 92

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Amic Sign combines innovative digital currencies with evolving smart contracts to transform the way business is done in the future.


This article provides an easy-to-understand explanation of how digital currency works and how it will change our lives and businesses, giving you a better understanding of the world Amic Sign is aiming to create.


Storage and data asset management service partly using IPFS technology, which is a decentralised permanent data storage designed to ensure that important content is not lost in the event of an emergency, film festival entry, content sales and content sales with a portfolio function that introduces and publishes creators and their works, and with companies. Project matching service, using blockchain technology to clarify rights such as original authorship and ownership. The service provides a system building service that returns profits to creators.