Press Release

Press Release

In preparation for the launch of the Web 3.0 era’s creator support platform with content management, NFT market place, matching and more, coming this spring!

★(ENG_final) VVAP pressrelease 20230125

Japan Cultural Expo Project: Creation of Stories All Around Japan : 3 short stories that are based on Traditional Japanese Folktales are now translated to English One of the stories will become a short film in 2023!

★20221125ENG Japan Cultural Expo Book Shorts Project

SSFF & ASIA 2022 Screening in Autumn
(Event Report) SSFF&ASIA Online Closing Seminar NFT×Cinema feat. The Rhetoric Star (NOMA × CoinPost)
An Online Event hosted by JICA Yokohama x Short Shorts “Short Film Trip to South Sudan”
The 8th Branded Shorts – Now Open for Submissions
SSFF & ASIA 2023 Calling out for submissions from around the world Best Short Awards winners of Live Action(International /Asia International/Japan), Non-Fiction and Animation Competition are eligible to be shortlisted for next year’s Oscars®!
NTT presents International Conference for visualizing our future brought about by technological innovation feat. IOWN

★ENG0722 NTT presents International Conference for visualizing our future brought about by technological innov …

A creation with all creators in web3 Upcoming project  NFT Global Cinema Market
Best Actor Awards, Audience Awards and Most Viewed Award were Announced: Korean Actress Hye-sun Koo’s Directorial Short “Dark Yellow” got the Audience Award (Asia International Category) “The Speech” starring Denis Lavant won the Most Viewed Award
奥田瑛二さん、山田孝之さん、水川あさみさん、飯島寛騎さん、服部樹咲さん、小川紗良さん マーティ・フリードマンさん、渡辺真起子さん、河瀨直美監督、LiLiCoさん、別所哲也ほか 豪華ゲストがアワードセレモニー(グランプリ授賞式)に登壇!
George Lucas Award (Grand Prix) goes to “Warsha” by Dania Bdeir The winners for the Official Competition supported by Sony, Non-Fiction Competition, Animation Competition, and Smartphone Film Competition supported by Sony’s Xperia have been announced