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Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2010

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STOP! Global Waming Competition

Program ID June 11th Fri Omotesando Hills Space O 11:15 - 13:05 / 15:45 - 17:35
June 12th Sat Omotesando Hills Space O 11:15 - 13:05 / 15:45 - 17:35
June 13th Sun Omotesando Hills Space O 11:15 - 13:05 / 15:45 - 17:35
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Dark Clouds
Peter Szewczyk / UK / 1:45 / Animation / 2009

A serene rainforest is ravaged by an industrial menace.

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The Bill
Peter Wedel / Germany / 4:25 / Comedy / 2009

Three friends meet in a bar and start talking about their lives. Cars, holidays, energy, and diet represent a colorful range of "climate sins". With the appearance of the barmaid, the film takes a surprising change of course…

Environmental & Nature Film Festival 2009 (Germany)
Nature Days Bremen 2009 (Germany) Jury Prize

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Wasting Earth
Cassia Itamoto & Celina Kurihara / Brazil / 5:44 / Animation / 2009

The Earth was on its own. Then man came along and added on to it. Consumption by man. Man on Earth. Wasting Earth. Man must face the consequences of his excessive consumption and is obligated to adopt methods that will change his lifestyle

nternational Festival of Animation Cinema and Comics 2009 (Italy)
Maringa Film Festival 2009 (Brazil)
Up-And-Coming International Film Festival Hannover 2009 (Germany)

Shunji Omayu / Japan / 1:41 / Drama / 2009

It is yakiniku day. Super cold beer and special marbled beef are on the menu. The sounds and smells of sizzling, burning meats abound. But it's not just beef that is burning now.

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Garbage Angels
Pierre Trudeau / Quebec, Canada / 5:30 / Animation / 2008

Unlikely characters come to life in this strange garbage dump.

Planet in Focus 2008 (Canada) Best Canadian Short
Reel Earth Environmental Film Festival 2009 (New Zealand) Best Animation Award
Malescorto 2009 (Italy) Ecology and Animation Award

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The Bedwarmers
Pascal Mercay / Australia / 7:00 / Comedy / 2009

In the near future, being eco, green, and 100% carbon neutral is a must. Central heaters are turned off and electric blankets are a definite no-no. A select group of men and women with unusually high body temperatures have become super heroes, they are... THE BEDWARMERS.

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Long Li / China / 5:40 / Experimental / 2009

The sickroom is a place where people who are ill go to receive treatment. It represents an abnormally over-developed city. Though it seems peaceful and well-managed, it is just an illusion. Our city is very ill. It is forced to have treatment, just like patients in a hospital.

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