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[REPORT] 10/11 (Thu.) Another Full House at the 3rd day of SSFF & ASIA 2018 Autumn Screening in Andaz Studio!


Our third day also started with a full house in the Anniversary Program in Autumn 1, with films such as COIN, starring Liu Dan, who won the Best Actress Award in SSFF & ASIA 2013.

Although the weather was a bit gloomy, we still had many people visiting us to enjoy our short films!

After the screening of the BRANDED SHORTS PROGRAM in Autumn, we held a Q&A session with director Yo Kohatsu, and the actors Dai Watanabe and Aimi Satsukawa, having a fun talk about their film “A Video Letter for You”.


In the process of writing this film, Kohatsu conducted numerous discussions with pregnant women, studying various cases and being aware of not creating controversies in their impression in the story, however at the same time giving an impact to the audience.


Satsukawa has also invited many women who experienced pregnancy during the shooting and studied how to express the weight in her movement. In order to express weight in standing and sitting, Satsukawa put actual weight in the stuffing of her stomach. Also, her friends from her hometown (who also experienced pregnancy) watched the film from the online website and praised her that the film was very emotional and reminded them about the time very precisely.

Watanabe was the only one of the three who has a child, and when the interviewer asked for his comments his first words were “I never do that in real life!”

If you want to find out what he did in the film, go check out “A Video Letter for You” right away!