Shibuya Diversity Program

SPACE O / 6/9 sat 17:50-19:40


Josevi García Herrero/20:59/Spain/Comedy/2017

Manu and Sergio, both with Down syndrome, decide to begin an adventure to get to Alejandro Sanz's concert in Valencia, but their journey will get complicated as soon as they start it.

Zaragoza Film Festival 2017 (Spain) - Best Short Film

Director : Josevi García Herrero

Josevi Garcia Herrero is a film director and screenwriter from Valencia, Spain. Since beginning his career in 1991, he has received plenty of national and international awards for his work including “Negro Oscuro”, “Ojos de Soñador”, "Toc Toc El Cortometraje", “Se Vende Varita Mágica”, "En Defensa Propia", "Contando Estrellas" and “Distintos” among many others.

SPACE O / 6/9 sat 17:50-19:40