Shibuya Diversity Program

Shibuya City has established a basic concept which highlights its future. The aim is to fully establish a global city by developing the concept: “Shibuya--- turning differences into strengths”. Shibuya City has collaborated with SSFF & ASIA and will present an award to a short film which promotes diversity and inclusion to spread the basic concept of Shibuya. This program will screen all nominated films, as well as the awarded film. Shibuya welcomes people from all around the world to come and enjoy life, understand each other, and live together in harmony to promote turning differences into strengths for the city's future. Let’s make Shibuya together!

SPACE O / 6/9 sat 17:50-19:40

Louder Than Words

Julio Dowansingh/16:30/USA/Drama/2017

A budding romance blooms when a deaf dancer meets a talented musician. Despite the obviously language barrier, Niall and Ansel focus on the one thing they could communicate through - music.


Josevi García Herrero/20:59/Spain/Comedy/2017

Manu and Sergio, both with Down syndrome, decide to begin an adventure to get to Alejandro Sanz's concert in Valencia, but their journey will get complicated as soon as they start it.

Odd Is An Egg

Kristin Ulseth/11:48/Norway/Animation/2016

Odd is terrified of his head, until one day he falls in love with Gunn who is both fearless and happy in life. Odd’s life is turned upside down and is freed from his worries in the most unexpected way.

Bitter Sea

Fateme Ahmadi/14:48/UK/Drama/2017

A single mother has recently escaped from an abusive husband and fled to London to build a better future for her daughter.

Sacred Hair

Mario Morin/13:15/Canada/Drama/2017

A fortuitous life-changing encounter between a young ill boy and a Muslim woman in a Montreal park.

SPACE O / 6/9 sat 17:50-19:40