This project is dedicated to expressing EXILE TRIBE’s music and is directed by filmmakers who are currently in the spotlight. EXILE TRIBE is a group of artists who are leading the entertainment industry of 21st century Japan. LDH, its chairman EXILE HIRO and Short Shorts, a family brand of short films represented by Tetsuya Bessho, have formed a collaboration. 6 shorts films have been created and will premiere in June 2018 at SSFF&ASIA.

SPACE O / 6/7 thu 13:30-15:20
LAFORET / 6/17 sun 15:40-17:30
iTSCOM / 6/21 thu 20:00-21:50


Yuya Ishii/19:07/Japan/drama/2018

2041: A funky crew make an appearance somewhere in Tokyo. They suddenly start dancing, but the leader of the crew, "Big Bro. Junji", feels too blue to dance today. Since childhood, his only wish is to meet his mother again. On the anniversary of his mother's death, the funky crew takes action and a miracle happens.


Momoko Ando/17:51/Japan/drama/2018

The next world war is looming and threatens the entire world. A young Self-Defense official, Hikaru Azumi, has suddenly been selected on a special mission. To avoid battle, he forces himself to travel to the edge of the world with major-general Yamasaki. Hikaru stands on a watch house on the grounds of the beautiful sacred beach that holds the "key". In his mind, appears the image of Chika, his former love. One day, Hikaru encounters an old woman who tells him "It's the dawn of the end...". How will Hikaru find the truth behind these words? And the future...

Beyond The Prisme

Tsukasa Kishimoto/15:11/Japan/drama/2018

Inexperienced fisher Hanada is hired by a fisherman Yoshiya. One day while Hanada is minding a broken surfboard on the boat, Yoshiya suddenly starts the engine because he thinks he sees a shark nearby. Skeptical, Hanada questions whether there really was a shark but Yoshiya responds vaguely. A few days later, a fisherwoman, Kaoru, invites them to go whale watching. Yoshiya sees the shark again, and along with a confused Hanada and Kaoru, Yoshiya follows the shark's shadow.


DANCE EARTH PARTY/13:29/Japan/drama/2018

In a deep valley, a rapid river flows.
A girl, Ann, looks as if she was being chased by someone.
She's exhausted, and notices people on the other side of the river.She wants to ask for help but she’s never seen anyone like them.
Across the river, Hanna and Tenn try to find out how different Ann is to them through physical communication. Together, they put their heart and soul into understanding each other.

Our Birthday

Yuki Saito/15:41/Japan/drama/2018

A successful young CEO, Kanata Tokura, launches his own company with his roommate from when he studied in the USA. By fate, he meets a pastry chef Rika who has the same birthday as him, and they become enamored with each other. When they later get engaged on their birthday, Rika suddenly disappears. Since losing the love of his life, he has closed his heart off to the world. On his birthday the following year, he declines every invitation and goes back home to see a vision of Rika in a candlelit room. They promised each other eternal love though…


Daishi Matsunaga/15:51/Japan/drama/2018

It's an early, foggy morning at a farm. Iwao Takahashi is tending to his cows as usual.
Ryo comes in late but Iwao tells him that he's not actually obligated to come. He is absorbed in his work and says nothing. After working, they hear a loud moo echoing from another cowshed. A birth is near. Ryo goes there and finds Kaeda staring at the cow. He tries to speak to her, but he gives up.
Later, Ryo is clashing with Iwao because of his attitude. He wanders around a deserted town to search for an outlet for his emotions. He returns to the cowshed and stands in front of the cow with a hammer in his hand...

SPACE O / 6/7 thu 13:30-15:20
LAFORET / 6/17 sun 15:40-17:30
iTSCOM / 6/21 thu 20:00-21:50