International 4

LAFORET / 6/14 thu 15:40-17:30
SHIDAX / 6/16 sat 13:30-15:20
Directed by Robin Wright, Starring Sam Rockwell
Special Screening

The Dark of Night

Robin Wrigt/8:48/USA/Suspense/2017

The night turns dangerous when a woman seeks refuge from a storm in an isolated diner. Everyone has a secret and nothing is what it seems.

Phone Duty

Lenar Kamalov/8:00/Russia/Drama/2018

Giving rare insight into the Ukrainian conflict through the eyes of a pro-Russian rebel fighter, the film provides a stark illustration of the tragedy of war and how it affects the lives of everybody involved.


Pol Armengol/15:00/Spain/Comedy/2016

Like drunkards, particles in space cannot move in straight lines due to external forces. They are immersed in an uncontrollable chaos that makes them change their trajectory again and again. Just like elements in nature. Just like big objects. Just like people.

8 Minutes

Giorgi Gogochaishvili & Davit/12:30/Georgia/Drama/2017

It takes only eight minutes for light speed to bring sunlight from the sun to the earth. Consequently, it would take only eight minutes for darkness to reach from the sun to the earth if sun went off shining. This is the story about the last remains of sunlight and humanity on earth. The story of most incredible way of saying…


Tadeusz Łysiak/22:33/Poland/Drama/2017

Ryszard - a sixty years old farmer living in complete seclusion takes care over his wife with Alzheimer’s. A young girl from a big city who he stumbles upon by accident introduces him to a world of techno music.

Melon Grab

Andrew Lee & Kiki Dillon/10:20/Australia/Drama/2016

An uncertain future dawns upon two young best friends as one of them is moving away from their coastal hometown. Their way of dealing with it is skateboarding as the descending sun marks a new point in their lives.

LAFORET / 6/14 thu 15:40-17:30
SHIDAX / 6/16 sat 13:30-15:20