International 5

SHIDAX / 6/14 thu 13:30-15:20
LAFORET / 6/17 sun 13:30-15:20

Red Nose

Andreas Kyriacou/21:41/Cyprus/Thriller/2017

Muhammad is a Palestinian immigrant working in a Cyprus meat factory. When a mysterious woman comes back from his past life she creates tension between him and his boss.


Boris Seewald/9:47/Germany/Experimental/2017

Approaching the microphone in a small room, a young woman prepares to make the speech of her life. Desperate to find her voice in the wake of an ended relationship, she resorts to sharing any piece of advice she can muster. Her reflection on their differences strikes up an imaginary conversation.

Living Like Heta

Bianca Caderas, Isabella Luu, Kerstin Zemp/6:12/Switzerland/Animation/2017

Heta lives with her pet seal in her peculiar house full of curious rooms and endless corridors. Her entire life consists of carefully planned and conducted routines. When the latter get thrown into disarray, Heta‘s world begins to crumble, until she feels compelled to make an irreversible decision.

Maki & Zorro

Rami Kodeih/24:44/Lebanon/Drama/2017

The lives of two women—Maki, a runaway Ethiopian migrant worker, and Zorro, an out-of-work actress—intersect when a diamond-smuggling operation in Beirut goes terribly wrong.


Dominic Burgess/10:22/USA/Comedy/2017

Sam is about to meet his celebrity idol... the only problem is, Sam works in a morgue... and his idol is dead…

SHIDAX / 6/14 thu 13:30-15:20
LAFORET / 6/17 sun 13:30-15:20