CG Animation Program 2

SPACE O / 6/10 Sun 13:30-15:20
SHIDAX / 6/15 Fri 20:00-21:50
The 90th(2018) Academy Award Nominee for Best Short Film(Animation)

Garden Party

Théophile Dufresne, Florian Babikian, Gabriel Grapperon, Lucas Navarro, Vincent Bayoux & Victor Claire/07:21/France/Animation/2016

In a deserted rich house, a couple of amphibians explore their surroundings and follow their primal instincts.

Farewell Galaxy

Hiroshi Murakami/21:00/Japan/Animation/2017

A parent-child duo named "LOSERS" live in a dump. One day they find a cleaning robot that has escaped from a research lab. Will they get their peaceful life back together with an out of control robot and a mysterious organization running after it?

Like an elephant in a china shop

Louise Chevrier, Luka Fischer, Rodolphe Groshens, Marie Guillon, Estelle Martinez, Benoit Paillard & Lisa Rasasombat/05:31/France/Animation/2017

An elephant browses a quaint fine dining and china shop. Despite his best delicate efforts, his size ultimately causes problems for the entire store.

Mr.Carefree Butterfly

Yonatan Tal/05:35/USA/Animation/2017

A carefree millennial helps his friend move to the suburbs.

The Psychedelic Rope

Liu Gaoxiang/10:00/China/Animation/2016

In ancient China, after a long and cruel war, a young magician comes back to the city and walks into the Guangdon Temple, which was ruined and rebuilt. The past flashes before his eyes.


Mo Davoudian & Farzad Varahramyan/12:47/USA/Animation/2017

The last of a secret element stolen from the old city. A pair of hot-shot pilots are sent to retrieve it but they are forced into becoming the unwilling heroes once the secret of the element is revealed to them.


Tomohiro Kimura/01:12/Japan/Animation/2018

With a mystical atmosphere, this is a photorealistic work that makes the audience feel like something is about to begin.

Little Thief of Time

Stefanie Fies & Gero Eckhardt/08:03/Germany/Animation/2017

Somewhere in endless air space two best friends are sitting on a floating cliff: a little girl and an old, invalid flamingo. Movement around them has ground to a halt as the girl has locked up time in a leaky preserving jar to prevent the flamingo from dying…

Fire in Cardboard City

Phil Brough/08:52/New Zealand/Animation/2017

When an inferno threatens Cardboard City, it's up to the local fire chief and his brave deputies to save the buzzing metropolis from impending doom.

SPACE O / 6/10 Sun 13:30-15:20
SHIDAX / 6/15 Fri 20:00-21:50